Evilizers Get Signed and Announce New Album Coming Soon!

The Evilizers have signed on with Masd Records. They are a heavy metal band from the classic shades that were created by a previous project that was a tribute to Judas Priest. With this signing to Masd Records, they have an official and all new yet definitive line-up!

That tribute project to Judas Priest, called The Priest Killer was formed in 2016. Between 2016 and 2017 the band would take on the Italian stages, in a series of live dates, with much success. During this time period though, the band itself needed to also realize that there were unreleased songs that needed to arise during the various dates, where the band was playing, needed to be heard by the fans and everyone else. They would then go on with an all new project called Evilizers. Having sarted recording all new unreleased songs in the studio, that will be released soon!

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