Activator - Self-Titled

Combining the essence of the 80's with raw hardcore metal crossing over with thrash metal you get something by the name of Activator and their self-titled release. That said their usage of music takes that era of music and creates a style that makes you cringe. The instrumentals works well together having an on-going beat to each own while the vocals sound very thrash metal than hardcore - making the vocal chords be not as entertaining as they could be. For instance songs like "Beside Manor", "Tramp Stamp", "Savior", "Left Unsaid" and "Shackle", are the pick of the litter here, allowing everything just describe to be put into full on effect. The music is downright plain and boring. It has skill but it could be so much better. The vocals and music itself can be much faster and aggressive as opposed to how it all sounds currently doing like a whole 360 if you will would make this release a whole lot more fun yet entertaining than this.

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