Blood On The Dance Floor - Bad Blood

Blood On The Dance Floor has been around for quite some time as it were and now upon their sixth album to date "Bad Blood" follows-up to "Evolution" and "The Anthem Of The Outcast" and this time around it exposes the duo in a whole another fashion.

Dahvie Vanity and Jay Von Monroe have both been known to create this electronic dance pop genre with added screams in most of their material but on "Bad Blood" Jay Von Monroe steps out of the screaming spotlight unleashing his clean cut vocal tactics only having minimal amounts of screams found upon a handful of tracks "Unchained", "Bad Blood", and "Bohemyth", 3 only 3 songs this time around contain screams which is fine but could have been better.

Having listened to a handful of Blood On The Dance Floor's material over the span of their careers again a good handful  of it did have Jay engage in his screaming methods even Dahvie got into the mix with some screaming skills here and there that to me is what really makes these guys who they are and stand out musically is that screaming essence, without it nothing is the same. As for the rest of this release it still does fall between the lines of the Blood On The Dance Floor feel and vibe keeping it original and unique having it not completely step away but branch out further into what they can do.

"Crucified By Your Lies" "Damaged" and "Something Grimm" are those tracks that the fans can recognize on previous material from "Bewitched" to "Rise And Shine", "Unforgiven", and even "Star Power" and "Yo Ho". The music is upbeat and on the edge here and there keeping the music fresh and easy if you will. It's what the fans know and the duo themselves have been known for - it just misses out on the screaming formula to keep it together.

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