Maxxxwell Carlisle - Full Metal Thunder

Maxxxwell Carlisle's EP "Full Metal Thunder" uses that metal thunder that this guitarist and his band mates have built from the ground up. Taking the genre that is power metal with constant fast riffing guitar solos and riffs occurring left and right this EP builds upon the music working on it from the first track onto the last track. Each song is built strong and heavy each one working at it trying to out do the other in anyway possible but in the end each song is just as better if not even to one another. This EP also includes not just greatly amazing music but special guests as well having other guitar works being crafted in making this EP even more brutalizing than ever possible. "The Call of the Metal", "Marching with the Dragons", and "Time Crisis", ignites this EP ever so further it's outstanding to say the least that this guy has got what it takes and will expand his craft and edge further on with each riff, solo, tactic he can shred out.

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