First ever CADAVERIA DVD will be entitled KARMA, it will be released as a double DVD and it will be available starting from October 22 on Scarlet Records. The band have selected live and backstage video material, unreleased interviews and much more, spanning their entire career, for a total running time of 2:40 hours!


- Introduction by Cadaveria
- Complete videography 2002-2013, including the making of the music videos
- Studio reports for The Shadows’ Madame, Far Away from Conformity and Horror Metal albums
- Exclusive behind the scenes of In Your Blood and Horror Metal photo sessions.
Featuring contents from the rare Home Video VHS 2003!
Spell / Declaration Of Spiritual Independence / Circle Of Eternal Becoming / The Dream / Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist / Blood And Confusion / Anagram / Hypnotic Psychosis / Whispers Of Sin / Assassin / Flowers In Fire / Death Vision / Black Glory.

On the road with CADAVERIA:
- Unseen backstage and live footage from the shows in France (2009), Mexico (2009) and Romania (2010);
- Live from the Italian Horror Metal Tour (Turin 2012, Sun Valley Metal Fest 2012, Piacenza 2012, Maratona Rock 2013) + brief interview with Cadaveria on Italian TV.
Omen Of Delirium / Queen Of Forgotten / In Memory Of Shadows’ Madame / Exorcism To Chaos / The Dream / Absolute Vacuum / Black Glory.
Live Tracks:
Spell / Call Me / Eleven Three O Three / Vox Of Anti-Time / Irreverent Elegy / 100.000 Faces / Exorcism To Chaos / Anagram / Out Body Experience / The Days Of The After And Behind / Death Vision / Memento Audere Semper / Flowers In Fire / Blood And Confusion / Assassin / Circle Of Eternal Becoming.

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