Hayley Gripp Discusses Acting, Modeling, Bullying, and Favorite Things!

Hayley Gripp is an actress, model, jewelry designer and huge anti-bully advocate. Hayley got her start in the industry by modeling for multiple print ads including booking herself on an "As Seen On TV" box. After a year of modeling, Hayley re-traced her roots back to acting and in January 2013 joined a few casting websites. She soon booked 3 commercials, a featured spot on "CSI" and a principal role on "Supreme Justice". While not acting and modeling, Hayley is president and CEO of her own jewelry line "Hayley Elizabeth Designs". In September 2013 Hayley will be flying to NYC to launch and multi-manufacture a few signature pieces she designed as a charity project for the Tourette Syndrome Association. Hayley is also a huge anti-bullying advocate and has spoken to over 6500 people across the state of California to raise awareness and educate others on bullying. In November she will team up with the No Bull Guys and be a presenter in Kentucky at the IMEA Awards Show. Now Hayley Gripp herself has taken some time to discuss her current and future plans and just how far along she has come living the life doing what she just loves to do best!

1. Who/What inspired you to become an actress?

Hayley: For as long as I can remember I have wanted to become an actress. My dad who past away two years ago always encouraged me to follow my dream and after a year of college, I decided to take my dad's advice and go for it.

2. How old were you when you started your acting career?

Hayley: I started a print modeling career at 18 to get my feet wet in the industry and a year later at age 19, retraced my roots back to acting.

3. Did you ever take acting classes or see an acting coach?

Hayley: I grew up taking acting classes and in college took an "acting for the camera" class. I am currently looking to start a new acting class.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how stressful is this career?

Hayley: I would say financially trying to make it as an actress, the stress level is about an 8. Everything costs money, head shots, classes, and not to mention gas money for auditions!!

5. Was there any other career you were interested in before you started acting?

Hayley: My back-up plan if I didn't make it as an actress was to be a children's author. One day I may still write a book.

6. What advice would you give to others who want to act?

Hayley: If acting is your passion, go for it. Don't be discouraged if you go on ten auditions and don't get the role, on that eleventh audition, you might just get it!

7. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Hayley: I really admire Audrey Hepburn. She had a timeless beauty, great talent and was always classy!

8. What are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Hayley: I love the movie "The Help". I could laugh all day just thinking about it! I also love the Movie "Juno". Ellen Page Was Awesome. I actually do not really watch t.v., but recently watched an episode of "Boardwalk Empire" and fell in love! I'm watching all the seasons now!

9. Have you worked with any famous actors?

Hayley: On the set of CSI I had an amazing conversation with Robert David Hall who is just the nicest guy you could ever meet!

10. What is the hardest part about acting?

Hayley: I would say that sometimes driving an hour away to nine auditions in one week can be exhausting!Sometimes I feel like driving is what I do for a living!

11. Do you get nervous for auditions?

Hayley: Yes and no. I do really good on improve auditions since I love improve, so I'm never nervous for those ones, but if I have an audition with a lot of dialog and I get the script late the night before, it can be nerve wracking. I just tell myself to do my best and if it was meant to be then I will book!

12. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Hayley: Hopefully in the next 5-10 years I will be established in the industry and a household name! But if I can just make a living acting than I will be happy!

13. What is your favorite type of movie genre or TV genre?

Hayley: Call me the typical twenty year old girl, but I love a good chick flick! They just warm your heart!

14. Think back to your first audition. What was it like?

Hayley: Okay it was probably my worst audition ever! I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect! I messed up my lines.. okay lets just not think back to that audition haha!

15. Have you been in any movies?

Hayley: Yes I recently was a featured Camper in the Movie "Camp Takota", This Thursday will be playing a painter in the movie "Once Upon A Sign" and On Friday will play a DJ in the movie "My Love And Hip Hop".

16. Do you have any fans that look up to you?

Hayley: Yes I was a nanny to a bunch of families before acting so I have a whole group of little fans!I recently got an email saying one of the kids started a fan club for me in their school. I also get really sweet messages from fans on twitter. I ALWAYS make time for fans.

17. What was your major in college?

Hayley: My major in college was originally theatre. But now I take online classes in Psychology and early Childhood development.

18. Are the directors mean to you?

Hayley: I have never encountered a mean Director! Maybe I have been lucky, but all my experiences on set have been positive!

19. Have you been in any commercials? If so, how many?

Hayley: I have been in 4 commercials. I played a sister in a "Lolo's Boutique" commercial airing in the OC, A girlfriend in a "Shutter Shades" Commercial, a mental health patient in a rehab clinic commercial and a featured graduate in a "Wells Fargo" Commercial airing in Asia.

20. Do you have any other hobbies besides acting? (ex: singing, dancing, cooking, photography, etc.)

Hayley: I absolutely love to cook vegetarian and I love to Bake. I do have a pretty good voice, but I mostly sing for fun not work. I also love charity work and especially like to support anti-bullying charities.

21. Are there any actors/actresses that you look up to?

Hayley: I really admire Jennifer Lawrence.. I mean to be nominated for an oscar twice in three years and win? She is on fire!

22. What does a person need to be a good actor?

Hayley: You need to be grounded and have a good head on your shoulders. Nobody likes a diva.

23. What do directors/talent hunters look for in an actor?

Hayley: Usually a vibrant energy, but most times when you go in for an audition, you never know what they are looking for!

24. What can you tell me about being a jewelry designer how has this worked out for you and what do you get out of it?

Hayley: I am a very creative person. I design jewelry in my art studio when not acting and have my own jewelry line called "Hayley Elizabeth Designs". Currently I'm about to go to NYC September 23rd-29th for a press tour and to multi-manufacture a few charity pieces in collaboration with the Tourette Syndrome Association!The feeling I get when I do a custom design for someone fills me with joy! I love making people happy!

25. How about being an avid anti-bully activist were you bullied growing up or to this day? What made you want to stand up against bullys?

Hayley: I was bullies as a kid because I grew up with Tourette Syndrome and over came it at age 16. The hard part is when you have tics (motor or vocal movements your body cannot control) but you look normal (people with Tourette Syndrome look normal) and you end up looking like a weirdo grunting or tapping your hands and feet non-stop. I now give speeches on anti-bullying and am teaming up with the No Bull Guys (anti-bully advocates) to do a presentation November 1st in Ohio.

26. You plan to be a presenter at the IMEA Awards can you tell me about this showcase and why did you want to be a part of it?

Hayley: First let me tell you IMEA is "International Music Entertainment Association". I wanted to get involved for the first inaugural awards show November 2nd Because it is a great cause! It's a non-profit that involves theatre a music, two of my favorite things!

27. What has it been like to be a model, how did you get involved with modeling, what is it about the modeling aspect that really drives you towards doing it? What advice can you give to others who want to be a model?

Hayley: At age 18 I started modeling after a friend who was a model suggested that with my red hair I would be perfect. I got my feet wet and realized I was actually pretty good. After a year of print modeling I missed acting way too much and decided to get back in the acting game. I do still model regularly. For those who want to model, I will say it's VERY tough if you are not tall. I struggled but managed to book due to my unique hair color, so I would highly suggest print and not runway for  anyone under 5'7".

28. What is the best and worse part of being an actor?

Hayley: The Best part is being on set and making magic happen.. okay so that was a bit cheesy! The Worst part is when you don't finish on set till 2am!! Late nights are rough, I definitely like 8 hours of sleep!

29. Do you have good memorization skills? (For memorizing scripts/lines.)

Hayley: I have a photographic memory so memorizing lines comes pretty easy!

30. How many hours do you work each week?

Hayley: Some weeks I am not on set and I am going to 12 auditions, and focusing on my jewelry line but others I will work 40 hours on set. I love how my schedule is never the same!

31. Did anyone ever discourage you or tell you that you would never become an actor?

Hayley: When I was younger and struggling with Tourette Syndrome teachers and students alike would laugh when I tad them that one day I would be an actress. Success is the best revenge, but in all honesty I knew if I worked hard enough anything was possible.

32. What is your favorite inspirational quotes that you live by?

Hayley: "Love the sinner, not the sin" -Sister Ann
"A dress should be tight enough to show you are a woman, and loose enough to show you are a lady" -Edith Head

33. What is one thing you would like to accomplish this year?

Hayley: I would love to be on another TV show.... I had an amazing experience on the set of CSI!

34. What else do you have planned between now and the end of this year leading into next year?

Hayley: Well This Week I'm filming 2 movies, Than September 23rd- 29th is my NYC Press Tour, October 5th is an interview with On The Spot Interviews, I will be in Ohio OCt-31st to the 3rd and driving from there to the IMEA award show in Kentucky with the No Bull Guys Who are also presenters. I take everything one day at a time and do everything to the best of my ability, knowing that if something was meant to be it will happen.

35. Any final words of wisdom?

Hayley: I'm a girl with a heart of gold. I would rather be known in Hollywood as the overly nice girl than a mean girl! Kindness will take you places. That's the truth.

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