Get Scared Reveals Album Details

Get Scared have announced that they will be releasing their new full-length, Everyone’s Out To Get Me, on November 11. The record will be produced by Erik Ron (Panic! At The Disco, Foxy Shazam, VersaEmerge) and released via Fearless Records.

The band released an EP, Build For Blame, Laced With Shame, in 2012—featuring replacement vocalist Joel Faviere—but the forthcoming album marks the return of original vocalist Nick Matthews, and will be the band’s first full-length since their 2011 debut on Universal Motown Records, Best Kind Of Mess.


1. Told Ya So
2. For You
3. My Nightmare
4. Badly Broken
5. At My Worst
6. Get Out While You Can
7. God Damn Liar
8. Us In Motion
9. Cunning, Not Convincing
10. The Strangest Stranger
11. Stumbling In Your Footsteps
12. When We Were Strong

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