Edge Of Attack's Jurekk Whipple Discusses New EP and Future Plans

Canadians Edge Of Attack are currently in the writing and recording mode for an all new EP since their departure with Spread the Metal Records. With that said guitarist and vocalist Jurekk Whipple discusses the EP's process and future plans they have lined-up for the time being.

1. Introduce yourself and tell me your role in the band?

Jurekk: Hello my name is Jurekk Whipple I play lead guitar/sing in Edge Of Attack and I also play the harmonica.

2. So tell me how did the partnership with Spread the Metal Records end? Why did you see this fit to end it altogether?

Jurekk: Well what had happened was when we first joined the record company we were kind of in a dispute of when the album was going to come out and who was going to distribute it and all that stuff. Then when it finally came time to put it out, it had already been heard by the fans, so we were kind of upset about that. Basically what had happened in the end was that he told our producer to go pound sand and that he was a ferlandterpist who had saved thousands of lives and what have we done with any of our lives lately - just refusing to pay for anything even though he was obligated to do so, since it was clearly written in our contract he pays for this and if he doesn't make the money back from it well then he's a fucking retard. So what happened was that he released the album pretty much a month ahead of our contract expiring so he didn't make his money back. Apparently what's going on now is that our album has been selling well since the point of when our contract expired so we're about to get into a little bit of a legal debate with him, but I think that's all I can give away without ruining somebody's life.

3. Since you're no longer a part of a label you will be releasing your upcoming EP release independently - do you think this particular route will work well for you guys?

Jurekk: Well what we're doing right now is we're working on an EP because of our fans getting delayed so much in the release of our album, we kind of feel we should put out something soon that has like 4 or 5 songs on it and just get some more new Edge Of Attack in the works because they waited so long for it. I am glad they did too. But what we're doing is the EP going to release it solo for now. In terms of other labels if the right contract comes around then we'll sign with them. But for the time being we're not just going to sign with anybody because in the state of the music industry record labels actually do less and less for bands so we're just going to try the solo thing for a while see how that goes hopefully everybody will dig it. I mean everyone is just going to download it anyways.

4. Where are you guys in the process of the new EP?

Jurekk: We have all the instruments written and recorded and just have the vocals left. When it will be released we're not sure but we'll probably release a single then a video, then another video then it will see a release with the 4-5 songs included including the cover song.

5. How many songs will be on it?

Jurekk: I think 4 original and 1 cover song so we thought recording that would do us well since it did well on our last tour so right now it's about 5 songs but you never know I could end up writing more.

6. Have you decided on a title? Will it be a concept release?

Jurekk: There's no title yet but most likely will be titled after one of the songs and no concept it's hard to make a release based on 4 or 5 songs but the album  artwork is picked out. So we're trying to write a song  to go with the artwork but we're sure it will work out.

7. Will there be any surprises or collaborations on it?

Jurekk:  Yes we have guest vocals having singer Siegfried Song from Korea so we're throwing in some flavor, this time around, making sure that everything is in check and making it more complex all better sounding and smooth like an Edge Of Attack 2.0.

8. When can we expect it to be released?

Jurekk: That's all a matter of when I can get off my ass and do it. I suffered a major hip failure so soon enough I will get to work on the rest of the songs and get it released soon.

9. Has Edge Of Attack ever played in the States or plan to do so in the future?

Jurekk: We'd love too! But the problem is if we go down there to the U.S. on our own it's not the greatest experience because we all have our own lives and payments for rent, food, kids, etc. So we're waiting for another band who would like to bring us along with them for us to explore the states but we'll be out there eventually.

10. Do any of you have any other side projects going on?

Jurekk: I do but as far as I know it's just me. Mine is a little different, guitar work is really complex it's just solo stuff doing a whole bunch of melodic mixing's of thrash metal, metalcore, melodic metal, which you can hear on Edge Of Attack. So what I am doing is having so many different singers for it, looking for different voices and it will be a concept following a story for each of the songs. If you want to check it out look for it here - http://www.youtube.com/user/DOUGLAS300000000

11. What else do you guys have planned for the remainder of this year, leading into next year?

Jurekk: This year we're doing this music festival then just recording after that who knows. Right now just focusing on the EP, videos, just seeing what happens next.

12.  Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Jurekk: I love all of you - you guys are the best!

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