Bullet for my Valentine's Temper Against Los Angeles

The boys in Bullet for my Valentine stopped by mid-year on Hard Drive Lives' first edition of this tour, since that one did such a splendid job Hard Drive Live came back around, for the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour featuring Bullet for my Valentine yet again, as well as Black Veil Brides, Stars In Stereo, and Throw The Fight. The six week run began none other than Los Angeles, California at the Club Nokia venue atop the complex of the Nokia Live/Staples Center attraction on September 28, 2013.

Kicking things off was 1 of 2 acts who were out of state/country Minneapolis, Minnesota's rock, metal, alternative's Throw The Fight. They brought the fists pumping with adrenaline and pure energy really, getting the crowd pumped and entertained with their array of fierce vocals and fast beating guitar riffs.

Throw The Fight:

Throw The Fight Setlist

1. Bloodshot Eyes
2. His Blood
3. Lights Out For Summer
4. Cover Song
5. Life Saver
6. Concrete Shoes
7. One Step Away

This was continued when local act Stars In Stereo took over soon afterwards, with their passion melody driven rock ballads with pure rock force that kept everyone even more entertained than Throw The Fight had done. These guys really moved the crowd, everyone was either clapping along or shaking their body's to every other beat.

Stars In Stereo:

Stars In Stereo Setlist

1. Intro
2. Night By Night
3. The Broken
4. Violence
5. Dealing Secrets
6. Fire Starter
7. All Together
8. Leave Your Mark
9. Every Last Thing

They surly put on a good performance but following them was another California local act that everyone was indeed there for besides the obvious, Black Veil Brides! These guys have been at it for quite some time, and now that they are up to album three, their loyal BVB Army fan base keeps them  going. Once they hoped upon the stage their presents was gladly welcomed but their equipment wasn't as welcoming, as all of their instruments microphone included weren't in check, the sound was there but it wasn't as loud blaring as would be Bullet for my Valentine's performance.


Black Veil Bride's set was decent but could have sounded a whole lot better as far as quality is concerned - their song list covered a lot of the later material as opposed to their earlier works, ranging from "Legacy", "In The End", "Fallen Angels", Bullet Proof", and "Rebel Love Song", each and every song played was caught upon the singing lips of the crowd as everyone rose up their BVB spirit fingers with face paint in tow - it was all that Black Veil Brides needed to embrace the positive atmosphere that came from the heated crowd of the fans before them.

Black Veil Brides Setlist

1. Intro
2. Shadows Die
3. Bullet Proof
4. Rebel Love Song
5. Nobody's Hero
6. Fiend Club
7. Let You Down
8. Wretched & Divine
9. Legacy
10. Fallen Angels
11. In The End

Last but not least was the other 1 of the 2 acts that was considered an "out-of-state" performer this was United Kingdom's very own Bullet for my Valentine. The crowd was pumped enough as it were, so finishing off the night was an easy task at hand, the lights dimmed as Slayer's track "Reign in Blood" kicked things off with a instrumental track following through with the boys claiming the stage as their very own. Everyone in sight singing along, jumping up-and-down, or pushing and shoving one another from left to right, everyone clearly enjoyed the energy being fed off one another.  Front man vocalist and guitarist Matt Tuck took the reigns as being a solo vocalist without his guitar during the opening number of "Breaking Point" having a spare guitarist filling in. This was of course a surprise to many - but the fans didn't mind it. As such, the other songs played that night included "Temper Temper", "Riot", "Your Betrayal", "The Last Fight", as well as "Waking The Demon" and "4 Words to Choke Upon", clearly a variety of selection making the old meets the new. Everyone there thrilled anyhow while they sang along at the top of their lungs to the beloved songs, never breaking away from the moment in the making, just adding to it, making Bullet for my Valentine's performance that more memorable and enjoyable.

Bullet for my Valentine:

Bullet for my Valentine's touring cycles have come and go but as they continue to expand and develop as musicians their torch in the music scene; will carry on exposing them ever so further into the eye of the beholder in this scene called music.

Bullet for my Valentine:

Bullet for my Valentine Setlist

1. Breaking Point
2. Your Betrayal
3. Waking The Demon
4. Riot
5. 4 Words To Choke Upon
6. Temper Temper
7. The Last Fight Acoustic Intro
8. The Last Fight
9. Take It Out Solo
10. P.O.W.
11. Poison Intro
12. Her Voice Resides
13. Padge Solo
14. Scream Aim Fire
15. Pleasure and Pain
16. Tears Don't Fall

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