Death Dealer - War Master

Power metallers Death Dealer have unleashed their debut full-length "War Master" as well as unleashed the wrath that comes with touring since completing their touring trekk of several places across the U.S. That being said their debut full-length packs in that powerful punch with speed, thrash, power, aggression, it's like a never ending powerhouse of anthems that keeps going even if it's stopped. For instance songs like "Curse of the Heretic", "The Devils Mile", and "Liberty or Death" progress these factors of thrash, speed, aggression, the lyrics are intense with the instruments and musicians commanding them front and center the whole time, it all runs together being a never ending source of energy and power! Death Dealer are the next thing to invade the metal genre combining various styling's and abilities all their own whilst using similarity to the likes of Holy Grail, Powerglove, and Wolf.

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