Brother Jon Band - Bobby's Blues

Brother Jon Band's last album "Open Jam" (2015), saw a fair release, with such a track as "Bobby's Blues". Which received a single release and accompanying video to follow suit. The track plays out well. The video it has, is plain and simple to say the least. The concept of it, following a male, as he wonders the streets through transit, as well as walking, as he gathers his thoughts, about being a musician unable to afford no gear. But still going on about his life anyway. As for the track itself, it just plays off like any other rock or blues track would. Capturing a mellow driven angst, with just the right amount of emotion thrown in for good accordance. In other words, the material sounds just right. It's how a track like "Bobby's Blues", plays off. A mellow type of track that just sucks everything inward, creating this atmosphere that speaks more than just the music and lyrics. Brother Jon Band's album "Open Jam", is filled with a lot of material such as this track, it becoming grounded. In close, for an act like this one, they are pretty capable of creating music that is truly their own.

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