RGF - Spanish Orange

If the apes from the film series Planet of the Apes were living amongst we humans, then that would quite the sight. But it is actually realistic in a sense from RGF, an alternative hard rock band, whose most recent release in the form of a single titled "Spanish Orange", off the band's self-titled album, brought this concept to life within the accompanying music video.

It not just being the video's concept, but the song does not have to deal with apes or any animals, but is still very interesting upon listening either way. That is how this track really plays itself out. It becomes more and more interesting through each play through. How the alternative aspect blends so well into the hard rock elements, really makes RGF stand out. Their style bringing forth the likeliness to that of other acts, like Alice In Chains crossed with Pearl Jam or even Soundgarden vibrations. That is whom you think of right away, when RGF's track "Spanish Orange" plays.

So many similarities between them really.  You get this angst of energy, that is intense yet edgy as well. Some vocalization moments presenting themselves with screams, that make you tense up when hearing them. The rest of the instrumental parts, just being groovy rock music, with some heaviness added for good affect, makes the music considerable more hard rock based. It evens out more or less, to just being good sounding music.

All in all though, RGF is an act that simply came out of hiding, with a track such as "Spanish Orange", that just sets them far apart from all the other bands out there currently. They have a similar quality for sure, that you take notice of but immediately accept, allowing for their own variation of originality to sink in.


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