The Los Angeles Muederfest Gives Another Update On Pre-Event?

The Los Angeles Murderfest was a Los Angeles Country, California festivals having various metal musicians perform an all day and night event taking place across 1-3 days at times. The event has gone on hiatus for sometime but a pre-event is in the works with various updates posted HERE and HERE.

Creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back - has given another update on the festival's Facebook petition page -

"If you look over the horizon there's something brewing for September of 2014 which will be the first step in bringing back the monster known as The Los Angeles Murderfest. As most of you know, Church of the 8th Day has been hosting events for going on 14 years now, we also help other promotion teams with their own ventures in the Los Angeles area but right now, we're working on something that will be an event tagged as a Los Angeles Murderfest warm up event. So, keep your eyes open, there will be news soon."

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