The Los Angeles Murderfest RETURNS?

The Los Angeles Murderfest got it's start back in 2005 and lasted up until 2009 ending with it's fifth year run. But now a petition has surfaced on Facebook from the fans demanding that this L.A. symbol come back for it's sixth-sixth-sixth year! Founder of Church of the 8th Day Daniel Dismal came up with the idea way back when saying that  L.A. needed a fest that embraced the various styles of metal, hardcore and punk.

Borrowing the initial formula from the highly successful New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, the Murderfest has began to carve out it’s own niche within the festival circuit in an amazingly short amount of time. With an ultimate goal to incorporate the feel of a European style festival in an American setting, the Los Angeles Murderfest will once again prove to be the staging ground for rare and exclusive Los Angeles appearances and reunions from some of the best outfits in each genre. Numerous industries, vendors, and record labels had also set-up their own thing having an Underground Flea Market if you will.

Having had this festival be a 3-day attraction it got cut back to 2-days but with it's POSSIBLE return will it bring back it's 3-day festivities with its 666 edition? It's all left for the fans, metalheads, rockers, and punks to decide now go and SIGN THE PETITION!

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