Fallen Fate Release Video for "I Welcome the Dead"

Fallen Fate has unleashed their first official video off recently released album ‘Into the Black’. Choosing track ‘I Welcome the Dead’ to make the assault, the video is loosely based around band's blistering live performance, all the while there is the lingering presence of Vespa, the tortured soul behind the band’s concept for ‘Into the Black’.  

Vocalist and guitarist Lee Skinner had this to say about Vespa, "She [Vespa] chose a life without faith and over time became possessed by a demon. The demon slowly took over her body and ultimately led her to kill herself and her family. The drive behind the concept is to empower the listener to decide whether she was possessed by the Devil, as she has no saviour in her life, or if she was possessed by God, punishing her for her lack of faith."  

So go on and have a gander at the official video, which has premiered over at Blank TV and keep an eye out for Vespa.

Check out the video HERE.

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