Johnny B. Morbid - Welcome To Die!

Johnny B. Morbid's sixth album to date "Welcome To Die!" takes their usual track list of 15-20 songs to around 12-tracks, a lot of them hitting the horror punk mark, but aiming towards the punk rock region more. The first set of songs including their single and video made of it for "Forever" really ignites that punk rock flare, the instrumentals and vocal chords fall between the music of sounding like Social D meets Bad Religion. The middle/end of this release captures the horror punk aspect in a metal sense, sounding a lot like Bullet For My Valentine. The concluding tracks takes 2 beloved classics "Rock n' Roll Pt. 2", and "Born To Be Wild", and has Jonny B. Morbid do their own take on the matter, having them sound just a tad different than their original appeal. When it comes to it, Johnny B. Morbid is indeed a horror punk act but divides the genre up into a variety of styles, it makes it catchy yet unique.

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