The Silver Shine Shine's Onward with New Music and Touring

The Silver Shine is a vintage punk rock and roll / punkabilly trio with a thunder-handed female double bassist from Budapest, Hungary. They have released 7 albums, toured relentlessly, and plan on touring and releasing more material in the future. Krista Kat upright bassist and vocalist, and Anti Edge guitarist and vocalist discusses their band's releases, touring, and more!

1. What type of band are you?

The Silver Shine is a punk rock band with upright bass.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

The band was founded in 2004 by Ati Edge and two of his friends. He's the only former member in the band since 2007. Then Krista joined the band on upright bass and Furo, our drummer joined later in 2008. At
 the beginning we played punkabilly, 7 albums come out since then and our style turned more into punk rock during the years. We define it as "vintage punk rock and roll".

3. What's the origin of the band's name?

Some tattoo artists calls the starting of peeling stage of a new, fresh tattoo as silver shine.

4. How did you come together?

Well, there were no punkabilly band in Hungary way back in 2004. We played in different hardcore and punk bands and we traded punk, psychobilly, rockabilly CD's as maniacs and after a while we decided to
start a band. The Silver Shine was a side project for 2 years and then Ati realized there's no time for both bands so he left his main band and started to doing The Silver Shine with 120% power.

5. You guys have a unique sound, which bands would you say influence you the most?

Reverend Horton Heat, Social Distortion, Motörhead, Living End, etc. Just a few of our favorites who inspired us. But we like a lot of good bands from different genres from blues to hardcore and the list would
be damn long if we would name them all. :)

6. What are your dreams and goals?

We do what we love to do. We are doing the band as full-time job for 6 years now. Do we need more? Actually Krista is dreaming of a Gretsch White Falcon bass gitar. Maybe some day she's gonna get it. :)

7. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Ati writes all the songs. At the beginning we had horror lyrics mostly but lately we don't have any kind of horror in our songs. The songs are about feelings, love and hate. We have a couple of songs about ourselves like " If I Was To Start It All Again" or we have songs about being on the road "On the Way Back Home". We have some cover songs on our last record also. "Jolene" from Dolly Parton and our version of the million times covered "Tainted Love" song.

8. How did you getting signed with Wolverine Records happen - are you happy with their services?

We were in contact with Wolverine Records before our "Same Old Song" CD came out and we got an offer from the label that they are interested to release our new album. It came out in April 2013 and yeah, we are happy with the release. Since then Wolverine released a split 10" with Graveyard Johnnys for our US tour with Nekromantix, and released a split 12" LP with The Rocketz for our EU tour.

9. Do you ever feel pressured because your a 3-piece act?

No, we never felt pressured about it and to be honest it's more easy to work this way. Less people - less trouble :D

10. What are your plans for new music?

We're working on new songs continuously but new album will be out only next year. An EP will be out this year for sure because we have our 10 years anniversary this year so we would like to release a limited
edition 7" or something like that for our Europe tour this Autumn.

11. What about the band what have you guys been up too as far as music and shows go?

Ati has a rockabilly solo project.... but that's music also, hehehe. Well, we don't really have another hobbies, our hobby is our band. Ati likes old vintage guitars. Krista likes singing but that's in the same topic again :D

12. You played last year's Ink'N'Iron Fest, how was it?

It was great to back at Ink N Iron last year. In really we played at the festival first time in 2010. Last year we played the same day when Offspring and NOFX played. We met a lot of our US friends and we had a
great time there. This festival is awesome, definitely one of the best ones around!

13. What are your upcoming touring plans and plans for 2014?

As I mentioned before, we will have a 10 Years Anniversary tour this Autumn in Europe and an EP will be out for the tour. We will play at Satanic Stomp, one of the biggest psychobilly festival in Europe this April. We will play some great festivals during the summer (some of them confirmed but the line up haven't published yet). Please check out our website or FB site for dates:

14. Anything else you want to say to your fans?

Thanks for the interview Natalie! We would like to thank you all of your support!

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