The Los Angeles Murderfest Gives Update!

The Los Angeles Murderfest in it's sixth year will be commencing once more in the future. Creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back - has given an update on how putting such a major festival let alone comeback is going via the festival's Facebook petition page -

"Everyone... here's an update on the Los Angeles Murderfest Version 6.66:

I have been feverishly trying to find a new venue in the confines of Los Angeles / Los Angeles County to hold the fest. The festival has always been call the Los Angeles Murderfest which has made me want to keep it in Los Angeles. Unfortunately finding a venue, such as the Knitting Factory has been the chore here. Bands still want to play this festival and it still is remembered across the US and the World for what it was. My plans was to have it back in 2014 but due to the venue issue and the amount of time it takes me to put one of these together, which is around 7-8 months of booking and then 4 months of promotion, that's not going to happen.

This fest was my baby but it was also a festival put together with the intention of making it all OUR festival so I am in no rush to haphazardly put it together and taint the name and reputation of the festival. I have thought about trying to do it in Long Beach at the Queen Mary like a few other Pre-Sale ticket bonanza festivals that I have seen around but it seems like something called "Murderfest" turns them off. In any case, I wanted to let you all know that no, the idea has not been given up on. There are a few other festivals planned for the Los Angeles area that I will be supporting through the Church of the 8th Day booking company that I do but they will not be the LAMF as there is one and only one Murderfest. Just keep the faith and remember, I am working on bringing this back and hopefully, 2015 is the year to finally do it!

Thanks for reading and see you all soon... - Daniel Dismal"

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