It Dies Today Returns with New Music?

Metalcore act It Dies Today formed in 2001 with that they went on to play shows, tour, festivals, and release material EP's 2001's "Let the Angels Whisper Your Name" 2002's later 2006's re-release "Forever Scorned" and their three full-length release the first set 2004's  later 2006's released "The Caitiff Choir" and 2006's "Sirens" and 2009's "Lividity". Their first two releases featured original frontman Nick Brooks while their third release had Jason Wood taking over. But as time went on so did the band going on to calling on an indefinite hiatus. In 2011 they released to unreleased songs and later that year also did a reunion with the original vocalist Nick Brooks. After this the band went on to announce that they had been working on new music and an EP but the band were spending time with their loved one's so shows and new music would have to be waited on. Now a few years later the band went on to post a video featuring that new music will this new material be featured on the so called EP or even a new full-length? It Dies Today says this is what they have been working on and from the sounds of the new material it traces back to the era that was their first two releases. Check out the video footage HERE.

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