Kreator's Miland "Mille" Petrozza's Music Motivation

Over the past 30 years German thrashers Kreator have been writing, recording, and touring across the globe hitting almost everywhere except a few places. While they have released thirteen albums including a recent live CD/DVD release and touring about there is surely no stopping them for the next 20 years. Frontman vocalist and guitarist Miland Petrozza or "Mille" took some time to discuss the band's holiday plans and future activities.

1. How easy has it been to keep the motivation going on a daily basis for Kreator?

Mille: It's the music there's nothing but the music and the fans of course. Everything just happens once we get on stage like the traveling and touring on the road it all goes away once you're out on stage.

2. You guys have been around for a little over 30 years - what do you think about that, did you think Kreator would have been around for that long?

Mille: No when we started we were teenagers never really knew or planned it we just went out and did it.

3. Can you tell me the story as to how you guys named the band Kreator and who is the Kreator?

Mille: Kreator is like a demon from the German mythology and being creative of course so it has a double meaning to it and what it means to us.

4. Throughout your entire musical career as Kreator how do you guys manage to remember every single lyric, note, melody, song title, album that you have done?

Mille: It can be rough sometimes. But we don't play more than a certain amount of songs we have 120 songs so we play 30 or 40 songs so it's not that bad.
5. Looking back to when you first started out up until now do any of you still have something from way back then that you kept like this was my first guitar pick or first guitar or drum set or drum stick I used when we first started and I still have it or still use it to this day type of thing.

Mille: Yeah we have some stuff from the beginning but only some bits and pieces. I myself I'm not a collector or a nostalgic person but there is stuff there.

6. Do you think you guys will still be doing this  when your old and gray or is it too far off to tell?

Mille: I don't see a reason why I should stop. As long as I feel the way I feel now I see myself doing this for the next 20 years or more no problem.

7. You guys have toured a lot over the years but is there a place you have never been?

Mille: Never been to New Zealand or Africa other than that we've been almost everywhere. We just got done touring in Russia and never thought we would get to go there.

8. Do you guys have any new music in the works?

Mille: Not yet something is coming for 2015.

9. What is everyone's plans for the holidays and New Year?

Mille: Relaxing that's about it no big plans.

10. Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Mille: Thanks for the support we'll see you on the road!

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