W.E.B.'s Darkface Bids his Time

W.E.B. is a dark/black/death/goth metal band based in the ashes of Athens - Greece. The Fall of 2002AD was the time that the idea of W.E.B. was born and started to take a life form shape from an embryonic state to a music challenge expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry. An expression both straight but at the same time theatrical. Guitarist/Vocalist Sakis Darkface discusses their all new album "For Bidens" and how the progress went and when it will be released as well as what else these guys have in-store.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Sakis: W.E.B. were formed back in 2002 basicaly by me and the rest of the members back then. We have had a bounch of line-up changes ‘till we got to have a steady one to move on with the band in a more of what you would call a pro level. We have mamanged to release two full length albums so far. “Don’t Wake Futility” on 2006 and “Jesus Heist” on 2008 and on 2012 we released our first EP “My Storm Upon You”. We have done some tours here and there in Europe also in between these releases and now we are at the pleasant position to announce we are releasing our third full length album “For Bidens” within March 2014.

2. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Sakis: We are based probably on the most depressive city of the western word, regarding the last 3 or 4 years. But it Is also a legendary place and the cradle of invaluable gifts we share as a planet. I am talking of course of Athens – Hellas (Greece). We have an enormous metal scene here. Amazing bands you should look forward of listening to. I strongly believe Greece is going to be the next capital of the metal music. Although I need to be excused and not recommend any bands. It is not my own taste that matters. It is that I will leave amazing bands out of my recommendations. You should just check and you will not lose, I promise.

3. Why did you want to call yourselves W.E.B.? What does the name mean and represent for you guys?

Sakis: The name was not something I really put much thought on. It just came out hehehe… But it surely has a meaning. Where Everything Began (W.E.B.) is the deepest point of one’s self. The point that defines one’s self through one’s actions through time.

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Sakis: Through the years we came up with the term “Dark Metal” and I believe it truly represents us. More bands are using it lately as well. It is the mix of elements  of pure metal and thrash with black and gothic along with atmospheres. It is a fusion of all those ingredients. We are very much influenced by bands as Moonspell, Cradle of Filth, Septic Flesh, Behemoth,  Type O Nagative, Paradise Lost and so forth..

5. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Sakis: Lyrically W.E.B. are about vampirism, demonology, gothic romanticism, exploration of the inner self… Whatever provokes me enough that I cannot keep my mouth shut to say the least. The message is clear. Dare to dream free through true knowledge.

6. How and why did you want to be a part of the No Remorse Records family? What do you think they will bring to the table for you guys?

Sakis: First of all let me point out that we are in the branch of No Remorse Records called No Regrets Records. It is their part with more of extreme music.  The people running the label seem very honest and what I realy liked about them is their love for what they do and of course their belief in W.E.B. and our music. I think this label is the best step to make W.E.B. spread our word in a wider audience and take us to the next level.

7. Who produced "For Bidens" and what was it like working with them?

Sakis: The production of the album was done basically by me and Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh / Chaostar / 6 for 9). Of course there was the precious help of Thanos Jan (Inactive Messiah) behind the console, Christos Antoniou (Septic Flesh / Chaostar) on the orchestral arrangements and George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ) on guitar sound production. This whole team along with the band and the extra musicians did the best work ever to deliver a solid recording of the songs in Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece. After that it was the job of Daniel Castleman of Lambesis Studios (As I Lay Dying) to mix and master what we recorded. It was a really tough procedure for all of us. You will understand it very clearly when you listen to the whole album that especially some particular songs are extremely challenging in all aspects. We are very proud of the outcome though.

8. Who did the cover art for "For Bidens" and how much input did you have on it?

Sakis: The cover artwork of “For Bidens” was created by our lead guitarist, Alan Fall. You can catch up with him at http://www.digital-grief.com/ . I must say we had a lot of discussions on the matter of the cover. We finally decided to make it something simple and yet symbolic. The cover artwork is a clear reference to the symbol of The Temple of The Vampire. Hence the concept of the album is purely vampyric mostly.

9. How would you say the new album compares to your previous records?

Sakis: Clearly to me it is the best album you would listen from us. Definitely the best work of the band so far. “..Futility” is a more goth oriented metal album and “Jesus…” presents a face more brutal but still exploring. “My Storm Upon You” is a weird release, pretty interesting for me but maybe the most difficult for a fan that expects us to play it safe. “For Bidens” is in no way what I call a safe album but I truly believe it surely puts all faders to the max. I mean, the songwriting, the arrangements, the playing, the sound… everything is better. It is at least one step further in all aspects. Expect more extreme stuff and on the other hand more experiments and more sadness and theatrical stuff. Even though it sounds strange though I am positive you will listen to it with pleasure.

10. What’s the writing and recording process for you?

Sakis: Both are something I enjoy in a different way. The writing process is creation. I am giving birth to something that comes out of me and I feel so relieved after that that it is out there ready for me to “polish” it through the recording before I present it to the world. Recording is always fun. We are always strict and demanding but by the time we know and follow the rules it is always a pleasure, especially when we have the chance to work with friends as the guys I mentioned above – Fotis, Christos, Thanos, George.

11. Are there any surprises or any collaborations on the album?

Sakis: Yes we have many extra musicians playing in the album. I think I should mention two voices the people know better here. Androniki Skoula of Chaostar and Christiana Hatzimihali of Elysion.

12. What's your take on "For Bidens" as a whole?

Sakis: I shall be brief on this. “For Bidens” is an album that has something to give to everyone that gives it the chance.

13. What's your favorite song on the album right now?

Sakis: Without any doubt the second part of the “Clamor Luna” trilogy that closes the album. The song is called “Regina Est”. It combines theatrical music, symphonic music, black metal and gothic along with poetry and lyricism. It is a 10 minute long song about Lilith and Cain’s affair combined with Greek vampiric myth about Thanasis Vayas.

14. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Sakis: I do not see it exactly through this perspective but I am really into whatever should make a song more dramatic. I like the songs to make you experience the role of each song’s protagonist. One would say that yes, this Is some short of picture but I rather call it an experience.

15. What would be the cinematic equivalent of "For Bidens"?

Sakis: Oh I believe we are talking the obvious here hahaha… Dracula, Underworld Movies, Interview with The Vampire!!!! That was easy to chose!!!

16. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Sakis: I believe an artist should not just give away their creations unless they truly believe it has something to say. Thus, in W.E.B.  we needed to have an album that would grasp the audience. The first goal then was to find out what we needed to improve. This was the most difficult step. Understanding our weakness and then work it out to the better end. Consequently the band’s goal was to create a vision that everything is better than anything we have done so far. By the time we had the vision it was a matter of hard work and time to make it real!! Now, If we truly made it….. It is the word of the people that carries out the ultimate judgment.

17. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Sakis: Yes, in many songs as a matter of fact. Many of them were too complex too. But, I think the one worth mentioning is that for the first time we have a song with an instrumentation of just an acoustic guitar, a cello and vocals. It is a song I love personally and I am curious to see how the fans will accept such a thing as a pure ballad from an extreme band as us.

18. When did you start writing for this album?

Sakis: The pre-production was done in my own home studio and started at the beginning of 2011. The same year we did the most part of the recordings in Devasoundz Studios and 2012 we did the mix/master with Daniel Castleman this time with no rush until we got to the outcome that makes us happy.

19. Did you feel any pressure whatsoever to do this follow-up?

Sakis: More than any other time I can assure you. The first two albums are pieces of work I am really proud of but, by the time the band has an entirely new line up I felt it is the point of time that I need to prove myself worthy of all that the name of W.E.B. has achieved so far and deliver it to the next page. It was hard for me to revamp the band after many difficulties and make it stand strong again. The way this circle of “For Bidens” will follow up feels to me like a scary critic that I need to face. And this goes to me personaly more than anyone unfortunately.  Thankfully , no matter how good or bad the outcome will be, this chapter is about to reach its next paragraph soon.

20. Is there any story or concept behind the "For Bidens" title?

Sakis: Yes, as I said before this is 90% of a concept album about vampires.  It is not a story that is told through the songs. It is the theme that each song is about through different angles. The title of the album is a reference to the archaic English language in which “biden” is the creature of the night with the two teeth/fangs. This was the first word used in many places before the word “vampire” overwhelmed after the language as influenced by the Romanian “varacolaci” if I am not mistaken. So this album is not exactly “forbidden”. It is an album For Vampires… For Bidens!!!!

21. How was the vibe in the studio?

Sakis: Almost all the recordings took place late at night until the early morning hours. The feeling was straight forward focused and under atmospheric lights to make a better mood to get us into the “role”. Of course we had our laughs but, we were always so excited to record the music that we were always into recording and our minds were set only on this direction by instinct.

22. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Sakis: “For Bidens” album is scheduled to be released on late March 2014. For exact date on Europe / USA / Japan we will keep you updated.

23. Has W.E.B. ever played in the States or plan to do so in the future?

Sakis: We have not made it to the States yet. We have fans there since our first days as a band but not yet a strong fan base to get us there. Also it is very expensive for us and we do not have had the budget yet or the agency to cover it. We are planning to get W.E.B. both to the States and Japan but we are still in the process. I hope with this album or the next we make it.

24. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Sakis: In my opinion this interview and our biography says enough. I prefer to let our work speak then.

25. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Sakis: You should expect to have the unexpected. We like giving out more than just what one would dare to think of. We have been even mocked for this but this is the character of this band. We care for the art, not for the stereotypes.

26. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Sakis: There are many ways to listen to our music through the social pages out there. The easiest way to choose the one you want is by entering our official site www.webdarkmetal.com. This will guide you to everywhere you want concerning listening, watching, buying etc.

27. Have you heard of W.E.B.?

Sakis: Of course!!!! They are a pretty awesome band!!!! STAY DARK!

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