Lastwatch's Ashley Miller Talks of The Countdown

Lastwatch formed in September 2011, only having been together for less than a year before catching the attention of and recording an album with Grammy nominated and Dove award winning producer Travis Wyrick (10 Years, Pillar, Nine Lashes, POD, Disciple). Their signature sound blends heavy guitars with synthetic and orchestral landscapes, the perfect complement to Ashley's powerful, yet melodic voice. Frontwomen Ashley Miller talks about the band's beginning's, present being, and future start for Lastwatch since the release of their debut album and hit single "The Countdown".

1. You guys have been a band for 2 years now, what's that been like for everyone?

Ashley: It has been so much fun getting to do what we love most! We all really enjoy playing live and ministering to others about Christ, while constantly cracking jokes with each other.

2. Can you give us a back story on the band/ band biography?

Ashley: Well yes! We actually started out as a family band, having two sisters and both of us married to fellow band members. We believe in Jesus Christ and what He did for us and knew we wanted to do something for God. So, we combined that with our love for rock music and started this band. After being together for less than a year, we were able to show our music to Travis Wyrick, who wanted to work with us after we were able to meet him. From there, we recorded a full length album and are currently out on the road touring and promoting it.

3. What made you guys decide to form a band?

Ashley: Like I said, we really do love the Lord and wanted to share about God’s love with others. God changed my life and made it infinitely better and I want other people to experience what I have with God for themselves. I believe our music is a gateway for that and who God really is, not who is portrayed in our society to be.

4. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Ashley: The Bible talks about a rapture that will take place where God will take his people. Many believe we are in those last days and in the last generation before Christ comes back. Therefore, we are the Lastwatch.

5. Your debut album is called, "Leave A Light On" where did the title come from and is this a concept release?

Ashley: Leave A Light On is a calling for people to stand and be the light of God that we are called to be as it says in the Bible. Many songs today are full of negative messages, so we wanted Leave A Light On to be full of positive messages and I believe our title encompasses that.

6. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Ashley: We want to send out a positive message to others of hope and love through God.

7. What are your songs about? Do you write your own songs?

Ashley: All of our songs have been written primarily by Jon and Matt and I have helped lyrically with some of the songs. All of our songs have different messages, but they all revolve around God and his promises.

8. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Ashley: I would say several bands have influenced us musically, such as Sevendust, Red, and Breaking Benjamin just to name a few. For me personally, I listened to a lot of Sent By Ravens and Demi Lovato to draw inspiration of how I wanted to portray the emotions of the words.

9. You're a Christian Rock band, do you think talking about spirituality in music is becoming more popular and accepted in mainstream music?

Ashley: To be honest, I think it is actually harder nowadays.  Of course, being in a Christian rock band and believing in what I do drives me to share my faith with others. I have found that in most cases, it is accepted, but not really popular. I, however, feel strong in my faith and simply want others to experience what I have in God. I look at it as a gift. If you had something so crazy awesome, wouldn't you want to share it with others. I don’t want to be selfish about it.

10. Does the band ever get criticized for not being Christian enough? How do you respond to those people?

Ashley: We do get criticized for not being Christian enough and for being too Christian, but we expect it. It comes with the territory. It really helps to read in the Bible that Jesus and many others were criticized for these very same reasons. We try to respond how Jesus did, in love, prayer, and continuing the mission.

11. If Jesus walked the Earth today and had an iPod, what five songs would definitely be on it?

Ashley: Haha! Hopefully five Lastwatch songs! Nah, I’m totally kidding, but it would be super awesome to have one of the five songs be from us. I would say Somehow out of our songs only because that is my most personal and intimate song with God that I have on the record. As for the other four, I would pick something from Jeremy Camp and Lincoln Brewster, just because I think they are anointed worship singers. I would pick a rock song from The Protest because I know those guys personally and they have true hearts for the Lord. Lastly, Revelation Song, because it is such a powerful song to God.

12. What’s your favorite song on "Leave A Light On"?

Ashley: Okay, this is a super hard question for me because I really love all of them. My favorite song to listen to is The Countdown. I love the energy behind it. My favorite song to sing is Leave A Light On because it is so much fun to move around to on stage. My favorite song for the message is a tie between Somehow and In His Hands because those two minister to me on a daily basis. Somehow is my most personal song on the album because it actually is based on a true story where God stepped in and showed me that I was not alone. I will never forget that night when I witnessed how powerful God is. That song brings me to tears almost every time I hear or sing it.

13. How much material did you write, for this release, will we be seeing the leftovers on a future release?

Ashley: We only had about two songs that we didn’t use for this album. Travis really liked these ten, so we didn’t have to write any at the last minute. One of those two songs we definitely want to use on the next album and Travis agreed with us on that decision. So, you will get a chance to hear that one in the future. ;)

14. What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

Ashley: I am all for it personally. It really helps to get our music out there and the message we have. It does hurt bands financially, but I desire our message to be heard over making tons of money, so I am all for it!

15. "The Countdown" is the current single off this release will you be shooting a video for it?

Ashley: We are currently scheduling to shoot a video for our next upcoming single, Leave A Light On, in March. So be on the lookout for it in the next couple of months!

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Ashley: Expect to see us around a lot more! We have several months of tours lined up, as well as festivals in the summer, which we will be posting on our website at and on our Facebook at soon! Expect a music video and a new single release for Leave A Light On in a couple of months and we may have a few other tricks up our sleeves, but fans will have to stay tuned to our site and Facebook for that information!

17. Is that your final answer?

Ashley: I think so! I feel like I am on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and I’m thinking I would like to use a life line now! Haha! Seriously though, I always want our fans to know that they can always come up and talk to us. We love meeting new people and having a good time! We are doing this for others, not for ourselves and want everyone to know that!

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