Cherri Bomb - This Is The End Of Control

As soon as Cherri Bomb's name crossed my mind I thought of The Runaway's hit track of the same name hence the results of what these girls are all about. These mere teen to young adult females bring forth that rock n' roll energy with that hard rock edge that screams adrenaline.

Out of Los Angeles, California Cherri Bomb has got something in the making here when it comes to debut full-length "This Is The End Of Control" a selection of tracks that lays out the expected material of an all girl rock group, "Raw Real", "Let It Go", "Better This Way", and "Shake The Ground", all concisely contribute that same hard rock n' roll formula that so many other bands have used before.

There music indeed stands out but isn't something we already haven't heard beforehand. These girls have got spunk and it's going to continue to build from the ground up.

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