Code Lyoko's Evolution Debut of a Review!

In 2003 everyone around the globe was introduced to a French based animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo called Code Lyoko. This series focused on four boarding school students, Jeremie a computer tech savvy nerd, Ulrich the cool guy, Yumi the goth misunderstood but strong minded girl, and Odd the goofball of the bunch. With this batch of middle school aged teens they travel to a whole another world from the human one a virtual world of Lyoko, to fight off the evil of a computer program called XANA and its monster of servants  A humanoid character whose home was the virtual world of Lyoko until later on called Aelita was brought into the batch sometime later.

Anyway the series lasted up to four seasons then sometime later a fifth season called "Evolution" was announced and developed into a German based live action version of the hit series. Up to nine different episodes in the new season were released online and the voice acting done in that version is done in a decent format so then it was the U.S.'s turn with their dub of it. Turns out the previewed episode that was shown online brought in fans from all over the globe to experience the new and improved series that they once loved so much. Thus the results were split as any other series would end up going the dubbed voice actors chosen were of course not the original cast the fans were use too the dub work synced well in some parts of the episode while the effects of combining real people with the 2D animation and 3D CGI effects worked well together. Keeping a lot of the original designs and artwork and even virtual aspect when it came to the gang entering the Lyoko world itself. A lot of other characters including William another Code Lyoko warrior as they are called joins in as well as some other well known backgrounders.

This new version in the well known series is one that will take sometime to adjust too. But it is a series that has a great start, going for them but does need improvements and surly bringing back the original actors would do the series much better.

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