Vanna - The Few and the Far Between

Boston, Massachusetts based Vanna will be remembered by me from their 2009 release "A New Hope" released through Epitaph Records. Now  some years have passed and so have the band they are now on their fourth album "The Few and the Far Between" released through Artery Recordings who signed them not to long ago. As such Vanna has always been that hardcore act never really sounding like Hatebreed or Terror but somewhat close if those two acts were to have a kid perhaps. Vanna's fourth release is fast paced with songs that clearly speed right on through the entire album that you'll likely hear the opening song within minutes. "Year of the Rat", "Casket Rhythm", "Please Stay", and "A Thin Place", are the summary of this album pretty much. Fast instrumentals left and right guitar chugs, solos, riffs, bass structure, vocal chords that are strung along as fast as they can be sung. All in all Vanna's latest isn't really the finest material around but is worth a listen or too.

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