Doll - Rock N Roll Freak Show

Demon Doll Records' glam heavy metal act Doll released an album entitled "Rock 'N Roll Freak Show". This release takes the lifestyle of glam metal and heavy metal the essences of Motley Crue and Kiss can be heard having little bits and pieces of Cinderella in between. "7 Minutes In Heaven", "'Till Death Do Us Part", "The Animal In Me", "Live Until We Die", and "Wild Angels" are the tracks that tend to stand out the most, with the flaring guitar riffs, intense yet upbeat drumming with catchy chorus structure that really puts each of these songs together. The material itself is good quality and lyrically very outspoken with how these guys transcript their music, keeps it bouncy yet hip. All in all it is a release that stands out keeping that glam heavy metal style alive and well.

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