Davey Suicide - Self Titled

For a time during the mid-1990s industrial had become one of the most popular types of heavy metal, with such acts as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and even Ministry, paving the way for the likes of other new comers like Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills. There was no telling where this genre was headed next.... well until now at least.

Davey Suicide arrived to Los Angeles, California in 2007 since then he's held a dream of starting a band and now that the dream has come true for him there is no turning back. For him music was an outlet source of the issues and problems that tracked him down, now it's coped his heart and bodily soul to unleash a EP "Put Our Trust In Suicide" and a debut full-length he'd like to simply self-title.

With that said, this release includes the one hit wonder of a single "Generation Fuck Star", as well as other enjoyable hits "Sick Suicide", "Unholywood Killafornia", "My Chest is a Grave", "Grab a Gun and Hide Your Morals", and "I'll Take a Bullet for You". Each of which fills the guitar driven riff skills, and vocal chords that are structured somewhat like what's heard on "Generation Fuck Star" but doesn't come close enough. "Sick Suicide", "Unholywood Killafornia", and "My Chest is a Grave", align the material to slide towards a mix-up of Vampires Everywhere meets Orgy with a cross of Marilyn Manson. While "Grab a Gun and Hide Your Morals", the second single that was released and included on the EP, gives a refreshed listen having its lyrical context being metaphoric-texted, it's still a rock n' roll song with that heavy metal edge that keeps the fists pumping.

Overall this release by Davey Suicide features material we have all heard before whether it'd be Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and even Rob Zombie, variety is offered no doubt about it.

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