Xyphos – What Comes Before

Two years ago Ahmed Ali formed Xyphos but needed some backup so he met Brody Overfalle (Astral Enslavement) and George Larin. Though this was a starting lineup they were still in need of a bassist/vocalist. They held out try-outs and met bassist/vocalist Rory Kennedy (Serene Molestation) he was the perfect fit. But due to some musical differences they parted ways with George Larin which led them to bring in Andrew Power who was also a part of Serene Molestation. Now that the lineup was settled the band entered the studio in July 2010 with Geoff Hodsman to record their debut EP "What Comes Before". The EP has stricken such havoc and chaos it's uncanny as to where this band will end up next.

Xyphos’s style is a mix of progressive metal with an aggression of death metal written all over it. So when it comes to "Obsessive Compulsive Decapitation", this gut dweller is quite impressive, the guitars are heavy to the extreme with raging vocals coming from all angles it makes a solid mixture that’s always going. Whilst “Abusement" on the other hand is more in-depth and has a deeper sound quality altogether. This tune is deep yet mellow dramatic having it is the “soft” side of Xyphos.

"Incision” and the title track conclude this EP piecing together a well rounded mixture of style that Xyphos was really aiming to create capturing yet again that essence of aggression that is built between the lines that is “What Comes Before”.

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