Gallhammer to release new album 'The End' next month on Peaceville Records

Japan’s, Gallhammer, has completed work on its third studio album, titled The End, to be released April 25th on Peaceville Records. The End evolves further from the foundations of Gallhammer’s previous effort, Ill Innocence, and its debut, Gloomy Lights, with an album of disturbing and dark drone music, consisting of a hypnotic bass and drum combination mixed with the band’s raw black metal and punk origins.  Founding member, Vivian Slaughter (bass/vocals), describes the overall album direction as "strange and psychedelic experimental sounds of doom". The End, was recorded at Void)))Lab, Tokyo, in October 2010, and mastered in Oslo in February 2011 by Vivian and Maniac (Skitliv, ex-Mayhem).

The track list for The End is…
1. The End
2. Rubbish CG202
3. Aberration
4. Sober
5. Entropy G35
6. Wander
7. 108=7/T-NA

 The release of Ill Innocence in 2007 brought Gallhammer to the attention of the metal world with its uncompromising and raw blackened doom sounds.  The band followed the release with multiple European tours, culminating in cover stories with the UK’s Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance magazines. Stay tuned for more information on Gallhammer and The End.

Gallhammer is…
Vivian Slaughter – Bass, Vocals, Saxophone,
Risa Reaper – Drums, Vocals

Gallhammer online…

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