A Topsy Turvy Fairy Tale: Snow White’s Poison Bite Interview

Fairy tales we’ve all heard or read at least one in our lifetime right? Well what if one of those beloved fairy tales had taken a turn for the worse? In this case it’d being Snow White except this tale is entitled Snow White’s Poison Bite. Now this tale all began in early 2007 by Allan “Jeremy Thirteenth” Cotterill (vocals), who was born in the U.K. and since the age of six has been living in Finland. While band mates Juuso Puhakka (screamer vocals), Tuomo Korander (guitar) and Teemu Leikas (drums), has called Finland home since birth. A year later the band completed itself after finding bass player Jarkko Penttinen. This lead them to winning the Big Boom competition in which they received three days of studio time and got a gig at the well known Himos festival. Having them self-release a self-titled EP during that time period. SWPB considers their work to be "murdercore", "horrorcore" or "killcore".

At the beginning of 2009 SWPB signed a contract with Poko Rekords/EMI Finland so that February the label released the band's first EP "”Drama Trough Your Stereo” (2009). May of that year they were the openers for American post-hardcore act, Alesana playing a gig in Helsinki and toured for the Music Against Drugs program that’s a part of the Youth Against Drugs (YAD) organization.

Soon after all of that Juuso Puhakka left the band due to personal and musical disagreements. Then 2010 had sprung and SWPB was signed with the Sound Of Finland's Hyeena Trax -label releasing not one but two singles, “Valentine's Doom", and "Kristy Killings". With such success as it were, the band went into writing mode and later recorded what would be their debut album “The Story of Kristy Killings" released five days prior to Halloween. The Japanese version was released via Marquee/Avalon and digitally through iTunes via U.S.

Ever since the band has gone off to release several singles and videos that has left this horrifying quartet ready for the kill.

1. So Snow White's Poison Bite is that the unrated version of the classic fairy tale?

SWPB: Yea you could call it a twisted version of that fairytale. But absolutely a fairytale of our own!

2. What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?

SWPB: Snow White or Beauty and the Beast...

3. Can you tell us "The Story of Kristy Killings"? Is it a real person? If yes, who is she?

SWPB: No, it’s not about a real person, but the story has the reality of life in it. Lots of good stuff and bad stuff with a horror theme.

4. When will we be seeing you touring the U.S.?

SWPB: I hope we get to the U.S. real soon because we seem to have lots of fans over there. We're working on lots of things and that is on the top of our list.

5. How did you end up signing to Sound Of Finland?

SWPB: We got first place in a band contest called "Big Boom" and after that our Finnish label wanted to work with us. It has been awesome!

6. What's the music scene like out in Finland?

SWPB: The kinda music we play is real small in Finland. Some say we're the first post-hardcore band from Finland and I guess it’s true in some way.

7. All four members are enclosed in their own coffin's from the looks of your MySpace profile. Is there something you’re not telling us? Or do you rather be secretive?

SWPB: Haha, we're kinda into horror stuff so maybe it comes from that and the theme of our new album.

8. The photograph taken for the 2009 EP "Drama Through Your Stereo" shows you guys as clean cut gentlemen but your debut album shows a total make-over what made you want to change? Do you think this new look represents what Snow White Poison Bite truly is?

SWPB: What we are now truly represents what this band is meant to be. When we started we had nothing that was our own and now we're more original and stand out from other bands.

9. Why did you want to use horror as your concept/theme?

SWPB: We all love horror movies and it felt like a good idea at the time.

10. What are your all-time favorite horror films name your top 5.

SWPB: Hard to say, maybe The Nightmare on Elm Street films, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream and Psycho.

11. What do you believe sets you apart from all the other bands?

SWPB: Small things at the moment, but the next album will be something that no other band has got.

12. How is the future looking for Snow White's Poison Bite?

SWPB: It's looking good, but need lots more hard work.

13. Anything else you want to add?

SWPB: Thanks to all the SWPB fans out there and remember that all of you are great. We love you!

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