Mongrel – The New Breed Of Old School

Boston Massachusetts Eastern terrain was bitten by a Mongel and since that occurrence eight years ago they have never looked back. Interjected with fast pacing riffs, strong vocals, with solo outtakes with rhythm demented drum and bass lines "The New Breed Of Old School" EP is a compelling statement. As such vocalist Jessica Sierra, guitarist Adam Savage, bassist Rev, and drummer Dave Kazukiewicz, really get in your face with this all aggressive metal outlook on the punk rock scene.

"West Memphis Hell", does a double take on its playful intro that soon bursts out into this fast take on an adrenaline rush that doesn't want to stop. Whilst “Shut Up Get Dead”, clashes together an even fast approach with mosh pit momentum that drives the music into a downward spiral. "The World Loves a Tragedy", really packs in the ambition that directs their source of sound and their desire to full fill that ambitious approach.

Mongrel delivers their source of style and sound in their own manner never stepping out of place but constantly wanting to step it up again and again.

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