Pathology’s Darkened Outlook

2010 was not the year for San Diego's Pathology. It did see success for them to release their fourth LP "Legacy of the Ancients" from Victory Records but the band had gone through a rotation of fill-in singers plus a horrible van accident what more can these guys take? Well since that tragic year the band has pushed forward replacing original vocalist Matti Way who was unable to tour with the band and brought in Jonathan Huber formerly of I Declare War to take over as Pathology's new main frontman. Jonathan spoke to me about his arrival to the band, current look out for what’s up next as far as touring and how this current tour went for the band overall.

1. By the end of this week your time with Deicide will come to an end. How was the tour overall?

Jonathan: It went really well and everyone had a good time. We got to meet a lot of people and bands and the styles they choose to use. I think everyone brought their own style really - it was an awesome opportunity to tour alongside bands like Belphegor and Deicide especially. They’re both great bands there are bands at times that play better than others but hopefully we turned some heads for those who may not have heard of us before. So overall it was a good run.

2. Then two weeks later you will be in Europe. Will it be your first time out there? Do you plan to check out all the famous sights it has to offer?

Jonathan: It’ll be my first time over there. I have never gone to Europe before so I think it will be an amazing experience. We’re going to be sharing a bus with the other bands that are on the tour so it’ll be some time to chill out and relax. On this tour we had a lot of driving time up to 16-20 hours so having a driver and a bus will be better for us. Hopefully Europe will take what we have to offer and dig what they hear.

3. So why the name Pathology? What's the story behind a name like that?

Jonathan: Well I’m new to the band. Our drummer Dave came up with the name and he thought it was very gory and fit the direction of the band well.

4. You're now a part of the Victory Records Family how does that make you feel?

Jonathan: It’s awesome. I grew up listening to a lot of bands that got to be on Victory Records and for us to be on it makes us stand out. I think in certain ways it plays in our favor but it all depends on how we look at it. Hopefully we continue to do well and in return they will continue to help us out and it will all even out for the better.

5. "Legacy of the Ancients", is your fourth full-length album are you guys in writing mode for the follow-up?

Jonathan: Once we get back from Europe we’ll begin writing and working on the next album. It will have darker content and we’ll be stepping it up as far as brutality goes. There will be more of a dark black metal element added to the mix along with more guitar leads and we’ll see where it goes from there.

6. When did you join the band and how are you adjusting? Are the other guys treating you like family?

Jonathan: I feel like I fit in really well with the band actually. A lot of guttural vocalists tend to not want to move around a lot during performances but I do it all and try to being a more energetic show to the crowd. It gives the rest of the band more willingness to be more energetic themselves and step it up a lot more. I came to be in the band by trying out and sending emails back and forth to Dave. I thought I wasn’t going to even be in this band until a month later I got word and we continued to exchange material back and forth and then they asked me to come out to San Diego. So I came out and tried out and it took off from there.

7. What about this year what else can we expect from you guys?

Jonathan: We’ll be doing this tour out in Europe and then I’ll be going home to Seattle and the rest of the guys will be heading home to San Diego and we’re all just going to be writing and recording and hit the studio in June. Then hopefully go out on tour come August and September getting a chance to play some Canadian dates as well.

8. Is that your final answer?

Jonathan: Yes that’s my final answer. Just be on the lookout for the new stuff and hopefully people will continue to follow the band and see what we have to offer in the future.

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