The Strokes - Angles

Thirteen years ago indie rockers The Strokes swept the mainstream scene with their indie rock n' roll vibe. Over the course of their career the band went from releasing their debut album "Is This It" (2001) to meeting such demand within the scene that they've released not just one debut but followed with three other releases. The last being "First Impressions of Earth" (2006) released five years ago was the last and only time we'd hear from them, since the members had embarked on a variety of side projects including frontman Julian Casablancas. Who released his debut solo album titled "Phrazes for the Young" (2009). But now The Strokes have returned yet again from their hiatus known ability with their next installation "Angles".

"Angles", was written two years after The Strokes had gone on their extended hiatus in 2007. Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr.'s household in which this would be produced by themselves, except for "Life Is Simple In The Moonlight", which was recorded with producer Joe Chiccarelli. This album returns to what once was as far as material is concerned because when we were first introduced to The Strokes with their debut release their indie rock n' roll based style has shown up yet again. So it maintains a similarity to the style of that era that The Strokes had first created. The first single released that's been promoting "Angles" is "Under Cover of Darkness", which consists of a bounce effect having that rock vibe but the drums having that back and forth momentum that resembles that of a light switch going on and off.

The second single "You're So Right", has an electro effect and was released as a B-side to the first single. This song as mentioned has an electro effect that makes you think of outer space or something you’d hear randomly at an underground night club. The reminder of the album consists of more indie based rock tunes that capture the old school style of what The Strokes were known to do. Fans of Rooney and Vampire Weekend should be quite pleased.

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