Deicide’s Tour says to Hell with God

Who hasn’t heard let alone been to the world famous Whisky a Go Go? It’s home to its makers Motley Crue among others but though its known for  its heavy metal business just up the street is another venue dishing out the heavy metal goodness the Key Club. God Is Dead - To Hell with God Tour was just finishing up its rounds since its conclusion was drawing to a close later this week. This tour itself was delivering a course of various metal genres that would satisfy even the pickiest of metal heads. It offered Pathology, Neuraxis, Blackguard, Belphegor, and Deicide.

Now this line is quite the mix-up getting the night to a heavy start was Pathology who recently replaced their singer Matti Way, with vocalist Johathan Huber, (I Declare War), the band has seen better days and moved forward with continuing their love of performing and making music. Frontman Johathan Huber has taken his chances on this new role and has managed to pull it off quite well. Pathology’s heavy duty presents really builds up the crowd’s energy pulsing loud blaring guitars with fast rushing drum beats that keeps the music rotating non-stop.


Now Blackguard who’s been known to play alongside the power metal genre had stepped down from their normal routine and taken a chance a whole another crowd and the crowd ate them up spitting them right back out. These melodic death metallers portray a power metal style when it comes to their earlier works "So It Begins" (2007) and "Profugus Mortis" (2009) but their next release 'Firefight" (March 29) that consists of a much heavier style sense than this older rubbish. With that said, Blackguard has fast guitars with deep guttural growls that keeps the music in motion as such the band went on to do a “tornado of death” which is a combination of the “wall of death” with a “circle pit” so in other words just picture a tornado and then having it ripped down the middle then clashing together like a giant tidal wave, minus the water of course except fill it with rowdy metal heads ready to knock your block off.


So that leaves Belphegor and Deicide remaining. Now these two acts have engulfed themselves with the context of Satanism, witchcraft, bondage, hatred towards God you know the “typical” everyday material you’d come across in your daily route of life. Belphegor erupted the stage with their own material of hatred filling the crowd with chanting riots of “hails and horns” breaking into a mosh pit frenzy. Their ability on the other stage is very straight forward and legit having their music being played clear and through, that it possesses its own demonic entity.


Now was the time for Deicide a band who’s been around for 24 years will continue to cause such a ruckus God himself could not even risk trying to stop them. For Deicide worship another being they like to call Satan. Frontman Glen Benton who’s known for branding the upside down crucifix onto his forehead is quite good at his abilities of vocals and bass performance. The crowd on the other hand was aroused with anticipation at Glen’s appearance let alone his band mates as they broke out into a non-stop night of mosh pitting rapture that caused people to slip and slide every few seconds. Other fans jumped at the chance of surfing atop the crowd to get upon the stage while then being snatched up by the security guards and carried off the stage. Some were lucky enough to get away with that while some managed to leap for their life into the sea of people dressed in black.


The God Is Dead- To Hell With God Tour was quite the crowd pleaser gaining much approval from all in attendance. 

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