Aiden - Disguises

Though they've been around for a mere eight years, Aiden's source of style always seems to change its course whenever a new album comes about. WiL Francis (vocals, guitar, piano, and lyrics), Jake Davison (drums), Nick Wiggins (bass), and Angel Ibarra (lead guitar) first introduced themselves with their first ever debut “Our Gang’s Dark Oath” (2004) that led them to get signed onto Victory Records to release their second and Victory debut, "Nightmare Anatomy" (2005). After settling in the band decided to go the alternative mellow route with "Conviction" (2007) in which that showcased a low sales rate with mixed opinions from fans and music lovers. So Aiden had rebelled bringing back the darkness within with their more gothic diverse album "Knives" (2009).

Using this formula as their outlet source the band has taken what was used and developed it further with "Disguises". The opening track, "The Devil's Eyes” is a track that builds tracing a voice over of the classic John Carpenter film “Halloween” (1978) at the end where it reaches its peak bursting into the “Horror Queen”. After which the band goes in doing an assortment of ballads and gang vocals as they have done in the past except these become quite addictive as each song progress. "Hysteria", and "Walk Among The Dead", which were both presented beforehand via Victory, keeps the gang vocals constant except provides a repeated look as to what was on their previous release.

"Disguises", is an album that laughs, cries, and mocks you having you not knowing what to expect next.

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