Blackguard – Firefight

Ten years ago Montréal, Québec Canadians Blackguard came together and one year later released their debut "Profugus Mortis" (2009) via Nuclear Blast. Now two years have gone by and the band has swapped labels turning towards Victory Records to help them out with releasing the follow-up entitled "Firefight". There style has been classified as folk/melodic death metal meets power metal when compared to their previous release.

But in any case Blackguard’s sophomore release “Firefight” has kicked it up a whole lot more than what was presented on 2009’s "Profugus Mortis". The vocals for one are more in-depth stepping into a darker era in which they resemble a similarity to that of Alexi Laihio of Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom. The intro stands its ground with its battling drum beats with chorus ruckus of tough sounding men with clashes of crash of broken glass makes this album ignite with a powerful flame that unleash a fury of embers that enlightens the title track 'Firefight". Establishing their guitar metal leads with double-bass drums and chorus structure that lies in the backdrop connects this tune together quite well in the long-run.

"Wastelands", presents a more slowly in-depth approach yet still consists to be heavy and deep relating to a head-banging formula instead of the faster rapture that was used beforehand. Now "The Fear of All Flesh", is quite heavy having a building process that’s aggressive in every possible way, constant leads, breakdown choruses, impressive harmonies, raw vocal tactics it ignites the music leaving nothing behind.

Victory Records did the right thing when taking on the fiery blaze that is Blackguard. Their melodic yet thrash metal style with death metal attics is just the beginning of what will ignite into a flame so strong it will decrease into a pile of ashes seeking to resurrect again and again.

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