City Under Fire - Illusions

There are bands and then there comes a band like City Under Fire.  There name may set ablaze but in short it’s nothing more than just some “Illusions”. Yes ‘Illusions”, is indeed the title they have chosen to go with so what type of illusions will you be listening in on? Well just a small portion.

"Resurgence", is the opener to this fiery blaze that sets this band off right from the start. The guitars, drums, vocals all blend so evenly well it’s uncalled for. The music is crisp and clear as a bell ringing in a bell tower. "Creator", continues the blaze that's been lit except it adds additional grooves with the strength of the guitars and vocal chords having the two clashes together combining a source of energy so fierce it overpowers the quality.
"Bodies" and "Gravedigger", kicks it up a couple of notches with City Under Fire’s ability building a solid surface of momentum that really captures their skill source. The music is infused with drum attics and bass lines that really shatter the listener’s experience.

City Under Fire have put forth an aggressive tone that will enlighten the blaze that has yet to be put out.

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