When the album "Machines of Our Disgrace", released in 2016, the first new album from Circle of Dust in nearly 20 years, many believed this to be a one-time return for Klayton to release under the moniker. Now in late 2017, "Dust to Dust," marks the first new single from Circle of Dust's forthcoming 6th full-length, yet to be titled, studio-album.

"Dust to Dust", continues where Machines of Our Disgrace left off, as a modern industrial assault of thrash metal riffs, cryptic audio samples, aggressive vocals, blasting beats and memorable hooks.

"Dust to Dust began as a simple guitar-tone experiment. As I was messing around with guitar tones, I hearkened back to a bunch of my fav old school thrash tracks and I just started spitting out riffs. I knew after a few minutes this wouldn’t end as production experiment but live on as a new Circle of Dust track." - Klayton (Circle of Dust)

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