Spill Your Guts - Hungry Crows

Exploding from the China music scene comes a D.I.Y. act known from Shanghai, China as Spill Your Guts. Whose formation began in 2012, spanning over the years some changes to be had but well made. For instance, the band went on to play shows, releasing their own material in the form of some live EP's in 2013, leading to them releasing their debut EP "Slip and Fall" in 2014. This would then be followed up with a split 7' release with Broken Fist sometime later. After which, another follow-up release in the form of another EP "Full Blast" released in 2016.

Whilst all of these mishaps and releases were happening Spill Your Guts kept moving forward and onward, to write and record for what would be their first full-length album debut, they would title "Hungry Crows". This album blending together their own uniqueness of style and sound that is truly fast, aggressive, and intense. A true D.I.Y. passion project that can be found only within a band such as Spill Your Guts.

As for the album's content of 9-tracks availability they are laid out rather nicely. Each one being quite different yet still fierce as each new track plays through. Like take how "Praise The Fire", and "Get Impaled", play off, while the two do play back to back from one another, each share their own originality and differences, being fierce, intense, and aggressive. The instrumentals and vocal chords being front and center as they stand strong and proud, keeping the music in tune and check with everything else going on. In short, these tracks as well as others off the album like "Attitude", and "Party Town", keep that attitude of adrenaline alive and well. The beats of the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals just work so well with one another, it keeps the music pacing yet fast through and through.

When listening to Spill Your Guts' "Hungry Crows", album, you are just hit with a delivery like no tomorrow. If hardcore music is to your liking with a blackened metal twist, then this is the band to check out hands down. Spill Your Guts may come from China, but these guys have got what it takes! They take that D.I.Y. to the next level of achievements, in the ways of how they create their music that is unique.

Go buy and stream the album right HERE.

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