Nails Hide Metal - Breach

When the name Nails Hide Metal crossed my path, so did their genre choice, which is in fact rock music not metal as you would probably think. While the disappointment in genre picking's was a downfall on Nails Hide Metal's part, their music is actually quite enjoyable. Their latest and sixth effort to date and counting is one titled "Breach". An assortment of tunes that spans across 8-tracks, of pure rock delight.

That said of course, the album kicks things off with such numbers as "All Through", "On the Hill Stairs", leading to other notable numbers like "Ionic Nobody", and "I Can't Believe", to name a few. These tracks being the one's to bring out more of that rock n' roll vibe than the other offerings at hand/ These one's just made the album bounce and pop more or less. Indeed while listening in to these you get taken aback by how upbeat and catching to the ears these tracks tend to be. Instrumentals and vocalization at hand being very forward and direct in approach.

In other words, Nails Hide Metal may not be a metal act at that, but at best they are one that keeps rock music vivid and full. Keeping the content they have created for a while, refreshing and alive. "Breach", is one album that should be sucked in and never spat out, because it is so editable even though you cannot do such a thing.

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