Noah Archangel - Black Lotus ft. Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam & DJ Thruvo

Noah Archangel is back with all new music, but this time it comes in the form of a new project. His yearly installment of a series he calls "The Machine Wars series", which has the project being titled "The Machine Wars: Songs Of Solomon". "Black Lotus", is the first glimpse and single that features The Band Of Hawk, as well as an EDM booming sound with Norah Archangel at the helm of it all.
Thus, with that said, "Black Lotus", is a track that not only debuts as the first single, but also has an accompany video to follow suit with its release.

The video first off, is what will be disclosed, as quite the interesting concept. The video's visual features for one, are quite beautiful and stunningly visually. How the theme builds into the output of the song itself, brings forth a similar styling that all people are familiar with, this being space! Indeed Noah Archangel has taken the beloved space realm into his own hands, creating the "Black Lotus", video with a theme of space itself. Not just space but with traveling through space, control boards of a space ship interacting with the journey unfolding within. It's like if Star Wars and Star Trek came together to release a video, it would likely be how Noah Archangel did it with his right here. Slightly, similar in terms of the space appeal, space ships, and stars and what not.

Now that is for the video's concept and appeal, as for the actual song itself. It plays off as being a lot like the other working's from Noah Archangel's catalog. Only difference is that this track not only has Noah but has feature appearances by Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam, DJ Thruvo, and the Ban of the Hawk. Plus one more addition of some EDM music, creating that outer space twist. You get instead of your typical or average run of the mill rap hip hop track, with a more well balanced EDM tempo driven track with still that hip hop rap feel, but it just sounds so much more interesting to the ear.

That said, the track on its own accord, is just fun. The added layer of additions of EDM really makes the track more available and stand out. The rap hip hop presents is still provided, but it hangs back, still being persist yet easy listening. Like the terms of the beats played outward, are more easy going, you can sit back really taking in everything coming out from the music's abilities. It showing off talent from numerous artists at will, showing off more than one talent that just makes it stick.

Surely put, Noah Archangel's "Black Lotus", song and video, go right together, creating a new base of style, that has developed into an EDM stance, that makes it more entertaining. Surely sticking to this approach with this particular project, is the right way to go. If the rest of the content to come from this project goes this route, then for sure Noah Archangel has got another one in the bag.

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