Thomas Abban - Black Water

"Black Water", was one of the first single's taken from the album "A Sheik's Legacy", from artist Thomas Abban. An artist of sorts not so familiar to many but according to some, his live presents is quite the best. So hence forth, his music in its original context must be just as pleasing to the ear, if his live setting appearances says otherwise. That said, "Black Water", has with it, the single's release but a video as well. Both of which go rather nicely together.

While both are the same song at best, the video on the other hand is quite different. When first witnessing said video, it was hard to take in, what was happening, as it appeared that the screen in question was to that effect of not moving. But as the video continued to roll, it rolled right along with its content, showcasing that he himself Thomas Abban was actually present, moving within the video. His appearance being shall we say unique. His whole routine throughout the video's piece is just different and awkward to say the least.

It is like Thomas Abban's creative side is just more outputting than it should be. Like how he interacts with the music playing forth, makes his appearance and abilities as the artist, more vivid and crafty. Best way to put it simply, would be that when seeing this video of sorts, you get a feeling of interpreted dance, with a soothing yet fulfilling trance of melodies and harmonies of the music portrayed.

That is how his music that comes from this single titled "Black Water", plays to be. It is just interesting and well rounded, that it becomes a crafted of pure talent. Really showing what Thomas can do with his mindful ideals and thoughts. As for the song though, it is how you put it, just there. It is a nice song, that has an interesting pace of beat, that is highly entertaining yet fun and outgoing. Never misleading you to dislike it in any way possible, but keep you interested through and through.
Easily his style brings to mine other artists such as Gavin DeGraw's work but his style is more pop rock, whereas Thomas Abban's style is pop driven with more of an alternative drive for it. His work sounding also a lot like, a lot of the modern day acts around, using pop mixed with EDM for instance. Surely how it looks and sounds for the likes of Thomas, in some aspects of his music.

In other words, Thomas Abban's "Black Water", both in song and video are just downright fun and entertaining. The way the music is shown is just catching and upbeat. It has a soothing effect with lots of pacing to it. A lot of the tracks off "A Sheik Legacy", have this same effect of the music. It makes you think yet suck in the creativity of the music all at once. Probably the best way to get a feeling of what his music is about, if not seen visually with his music video works. Either way he be the artist to check out at least once.

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