Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires

Ever since their debut single "Highway Tune", broke upon the scene, all buzz was about for one act only Greta Van Fleet! The next generation's Led Zeppelin act to be, like literally, when hearing this track alone, you immediately are taken aback by how well it sounds and plays out to be precisely if not a lot like the mighty yet legendary Led Zeppelin.

In any case though Greta Van Fleet went on from that hit single turned video, to release their debut EP "Black Smoke Rising", as well as toured, playing showcases beforehand, everything just coming up for then, including their current run of dates being completely sold out! Now that alone says something or other if not then who knows.... But any who Greta Van Fleet spent some time recently in the studio working on a briefly follow-up consisting of a re-issue of their debut EP "Black Smoke Rising", to be included on a double EP release that is titled "From The Fires".

This new EP aside from the debut EP included on this release, has four all new tracks, as well as the four other tracks off the debut EP release, including that top notch single "Highway Tune". How do these new tunes, compare to the other tracks, that have done so well for them thus far into their career? Well.....

The new works sound a lot like the previous works.  That same momentum and appeal of the Led Zeppelin feel and vibe still plays its role, whereas  the band themselves Greta Van Fleet, is more or less, out there, their material being very vivid and fresh. It has that rock edge beat, with upbeat tone, that keeps it truly rock n' roll throughout. Each track in particular playing off one another, as it sounds so much like Led Zeppelin's era and style, it is hard to recall of whom you are listening too. As for the material provided such as "Safari Song", "Edge of Darkness", and "Flower Power", these are the ones that make this release solid and passable. They stay true to the style at hand here, Greta Van Fleet's being so catching yet appealing to the ears, that rock music see's no other way than to rock on, that is what these guys do here right here and now.

That is what makes this act so great. They maintain a classy style, that is still used in present day times, except it is so much more, alive and breathable. You just get a whiff of the music coming forth, and it takes you on a journey of unexpected experiences it is unreal.

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