Awaken The Empire Returns Delta Wave No More?

Awaken The Empire is one of many acts to deal with problems whether it'd be within the band, label, management, the issue at hand varies. In any case, these guys were successful, touring, playing shows, even released videos and singles including an EP titled "The Awakening". Things were rolling right along as they should until everything fell a part then got picked up under their new name Delta Wave, having that act release some music "We Control The Lights" being one of their singles.

Things were moving right along as they were before but again came to a stand still then everything changed yet again back to were it was once before, back to Awaken The Empire. They went on to change their social media Facebook page back to this name, as well as added a few new photos displaying the name that once was... Furthermore the band released a video seen HERE indicating that their debut album will finally see a release in 2015! Under a new marketing and label company Street Smart Marketing.

In close, Awaken The Empire have arisen from where they once came, will be releasing new music and playing shows and touring to follow through soon!

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