Requiem's Jacklyn Talks New Album, Involvement with the Band, and the Future

Requiem for the Dead now known as Requiem has gone through a lot since their formation a few years back, they went on to release their debut full-length "Always and Forever" and the follow-up EP "Memories" which lead them to the follow-up release "The Unexplainable Truth". To top things off they have manged to play showcases on and off, as well as tour here and there, as well as get themselves signed to record label Cleopatra Records. There is so much availabity for Requiem these guys are surly to expand ever so further as the years progress. Guitarist/vocalist Jacklyn Paulette discusses her arrival to the band, their new album, and the plans they have in-store.

1. So what’s happening in your world right now?

Jacklyn: At the moment, I've got some exciting things going on: I've been asked to do some awesome interviews, Requiem has been signed to Cleopatra Records and drops our new album on October 28th, a new music video, and I'm going down to LA to do a photo shoot so I can be featured in Revolver Magazine's "Hottest Chicks in Metal". I'm absolutely ecstatic about all of this!

2. How did you get involved with Requiem?

Jacklyn: I used to lead my own project called Jackie Rocks from the time I was 11 to the time I was 18. Once things died down with that, I joined another band called Stellar Corpses, which I'm currently still a part of, and Steve discovered me through that band and asked me to join Requiem. I also have been friends with Ryan for quite some time, so I'm sure that also helped!

3. Did you have an idea of what style and how they sounded before you got involved or was it a first hand experience not knowing what you were getting into? Like bands could have new members come in and that person is a pure pop genre person never listening to any other style of music and then they hear the music they're going to play and there like "What is this?" ya know?

Jacklyn: I definitely had already been familiar with this style of music and I had already been a fan of Requiem. Steve also had given me a demo version of our new music, so I definitely knew and loved what I was getting into.

4. Is anyone in any other bands, are those bands similar in style?

Jacklyn: I'm in a couple of other bands an both are entirely different styles of music from Requiem. My band Stellar Corpses is more Punk/Psychobilly and my band Dressed in Roses is Indie/Acoustic Pop.

5. What do you think it is about females in music that still allows them to do their thing, but yet still rejects it at times too, like why do you think "Boys can only do this and girls can only do that" sort of situation.

Jacklyn: There are definitely some double standards when it comes to the music industry and I've fallen victim to them a few times over the years. I think everyone has just been used to a male-run music industry that it might be a little threatening when female musicians rise to the occasion. Everyone just needs to remember that all we are asking for is a little more equality when it comes to being a musician and to not be over-looked just because we are girls!

6. How did you and Cleopatra Records come together? Are you pleased with what they have been doing for you thus far?

Jacklyn: We were lucky enough to have gotten to meet with Cleopatra Records when we were playing a few shows in LA during a weekend in July. We discussed our future goals, they came to see us play and enjoyed our music, and we just all ended up getting along really well. We are extremely happy with everything they have been doing for us, it's been amazing working with them!

7. What does "The Unexplainable Truth" mean to you all?

Jacklyn: "The Unexplainable Truth" means something different to each of us, but I think we can all agree that we put a lot of hard work and emotions into this album, spending time perfecting it, so it is a great representation of all of that.

8. Where do see the band in 5 years time?

Jacklyn: I definitely see us playing huge tours and concert halls in 5 years, selling out shows like crazy! I also might just be biased haha. ;) I certainly wouldn't hope for anything less though!

9. What does Requiem have planned foe the rest of this year, leading right into next year?

Jacklyn: We are planning on booking a bunch of shows to finish out the year, our main focus being our CD/Video Release show in our hometown of Santa Cruz at The Catalyst on October 25th. As for next year, we definitely plan to tour a lot more, probably hitting Europe in the near future, and stay as busy as possible.

10. Do you have any last words for fans, or potential new fans?

Jacklyn: For those of you that either know of us or haven't heard of us before, be sure to check out our album "The Unexplainable Truth" when it comes out on October 28th- we put a lot of time and effort into it so it would mean the world to us if you listened to it and let us know what you think! Also, we really hope to see/meet you at a show in the near future! For more info on REQUIEM, please go to the following links:

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