INCITE's Richie Cavalera Talks of Touring And All New Music!

Metal go getters INCITE have got a new tour coming up for themselves, planning some time out on the road will be a good thing. But besides playing themselves into overtime, the band has released some content over time, but have all new music in the works currently as well. Frontman vocalist and the son of Sepultura legend Max Cavalera, named Richie Cavalera talks to us for a third time, about the tour and that new music!

1. It's been 4 years, since we last spoke with Incite, what has the band been up since then?

We’ve been busy!  We released 1 record and just finished recording another, as well as tours with Devildriver, Gorgoroth, Crowbar, and many others. We’ve basically been touring the world nonstop - it’s been an insane journey.

2. You have since that discussion released that album release "Up In Hell", along with a re-issue of "The Slaughter" and "Oppression", with a yet to be detail upcoming album, can you disclose any details on it?

Yeah, we’ve been busy making some killer metal that’s for sure. As far as the new album we are super fired up for it. It’s definitely the most complete record we’ve ever made - it’s got everything we’ve wanted out of an album. It’s brutal, it sounds incredible, and it’s 100% INCITE  We also brought in Kirk Windstein of Crowbar and Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under as special guest. We hope to have a single out in August followed by a release around January 2019 so stay tuned!!!

3. How would you say that this next album will be in comparison to the other assortment that came before it?

It’s definitely as heavy, if not heavier, than any of our previous albums. I think the big things that you’ll notice are the guitar solos, the bass, and the tone of the album. We really had Dru go nuts on guitars. It’s the most in-depth we’ve ever gotten and I think we really nailed it. It’s very natural sounding which I love; it was all done by us,  no copy paste bullshit or anything like that. We also had a lot of time and using Steve Evetts again we really had that strong connection on ideas that made this the monster it is. Finally we had Chris Zues master it to put the last touch on it and it’s fucking badass. People are going to be blown away and I feel everyone will say this is the album they’ve been waiting for in the metal world. It’s raw and powerful.

4. When can we expect to see a release on it?

We plan on releasing two singles over the rest of 2018 and actual release around the end of January. We really want the time to promote and do it all right. Being are 5th time releasing an album, we’ve got a good sense of how to plan a release now so it’s a busy but exciting time for the band.

5. Will there be an accompanying single or video to follow, if so any spare input on it?

Yes, we filmed two videos both with Tommy Jones of Videohammer Studios and this dude is sick! He’s worked with Testament, Anthrax, Circus and many others so we were excited to see what we’d get. The first video is very dark with crazy lighting with no story line,  just INCITE energy and music to really let people feel the band’s vibe. The second is based on wealth iniquity and we shot it right in skid row in LA, so the setting was real and very sad to see. We hope to wake people up to the real issues out there with this video.

6. Besides the music content, the band will be heading out on the "Burn and Shred" Tour, who came up with that title?

That was a little bit of everyone. We kind of throw words and names back and forth until we have something that fits us and what we want to make a statement with. Burn and Shred is definitely what we’re about. If you don’t know we’re the Cypress Hill of metal when it comes to the greens and we shred hard live so it just made perfect sense. It might become a yearly tour that we do, we’ll see what happens. But for us it’s cool our second nationwide headline tour is going to rage! 

7. What can the fans expect from this particular run of tour dates as far as the actual show goes?

A lot of songs, hahaha!  We’re playing 18 songs off of all of our catalogue, including two new tracks that people will only hear first at these shows.  We’re going to shred for over an hour every night and not stop pounding ear drums in!  We’re very straight-forward, not a lot of gimmicks or crap like that. We’re old school metal lights, smoke, gear, and energy. Something we feel people are missing in today’s scene.  We’re going to rock you with intense, hot, raging metal!!!

8. Why should people come out to the shows in the first place?

Because we are doing things most bands aren’t.  We don’t sell meet and greets or any crap like that. We hang at merch all night so if you want to hang you are more than welcome! We bring good support from bands that deserve a chance to be seen along with a lot of kick ass locals. We’re just a real band rocking from city to city in a van with no crew just us. Fans want fresh and real and that’s what we are. Whether there’s 1,000 people or 10 at the show,  we bring the same energy because that is what the fans deserve. I think that’s why most people draw to us. It’s an insane show it’s relentless

9. What other sort of plans does the band have in mind for the rest of this year that is 2018?

We’re going to release our singles and head to Europe for November and December to finish up 2018 then take a short break before the album comes out and tour starts in January so it’s never ending. But we wouldn’t want it any other way! We’re here to bring metal back and bring the cool fan band vibe back. Keep it heavy.

10.Would you like to say or add on anything more?

Yes. Go out, get your tickets to our headline tour, support the music and always keep it heavy!

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