Bud Collins Trio - Television Personalities

Why does every band and or artist think, that their sound is not like the others, when in reality they are just like the others in every possible way. That being said, long time go getters Bud Collins Trio have released their most recent offering, an EP "No 5uch Th1ng". To come off said EP is a track titled "Television Personalities",  a track of which, sounds as they say, no like any other sound out there, done by anyone else prior.

So does it sound like nothing you have heard beforehand or is it completely original and unique as is. Well for the most part anyway, Bud Collins Trio, have got an style that is more or less "interesting". "Television Personalities", rounds off at being an easy listening experience, with soft melodies, and vocal harmonies, that stay true and fulfilling. It's as if, the music is lifting you upward, towards the clouds and sunny sky, high above the ground. That is how this track appears to make you feel, when listening in to it.

It has this soft yet mellow appeal of emotion, with loads of momentum embedded within it that it sucks everything else away. Letting you just absorb in the goodness of the music at hand, being done by the Bud Collins Trio. If it did had to come down to them being like anyone else, their style is very much like the softer sides of Coldplay's era of music. Some type of instrumentals with slight resemblance to vocalization as well.

When it comes down to it, "Television Personalities", is just one of those typical tracks, that has got flare and a lot of style for itself. It keeps up a groove that never loses touch of the melody of beats, pressing onward as the song moves along, from start to finish. A track such as this, is one that can be cherished and enjoy, more than once, because of how catching and upbeat in tone it carries on.


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