Following up on the highly acknowledged "Metal to the Bone" album, the inheritors of the best traditions of the Teutonic metal, Warfist strike again with a new material recorded for a split release with the black/thrash metal horde Excidium. Both bands have prepared four tracks each for the release that is going to come out under the shared title "Laws of Perversion & Filth". The main motiff of the album cover was developed Marek Szymański, while the graphic design of the entire release was handled by Paweł Ozon.

Guitarist and vocalist Mihu comments: "We wanted our part of "Laws of Perversion & Filth", to be sort of a reflection of the Warfist roots and by that I mean the times when we would lock ourselves in our rehearsal room with a multi-track tape recorder and loads of beer, and record our first songs. The new version of 'Sadistic Whorefuck', as well as the cover song, are also a references to those times. We wanted to emphasize the thrash'n'roll attack, without caring whether it would be something innovative or ground-braking... So basically we did what we always do."


1. The Tomb of Desire
2. Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)
3. Sadistic Whorefuck
4. Angel Death (Dodheimsgard Cover Song)

Mihu - vokills, chainsaw
Wrath - bulldozer
Pavulon - skullcrushing


5. Suicidal Perspectives
6. Denial
7. Veil of Stagnation
8. Karmageddon Warriors (Impaled Nazarene cover)

Cuntreaper - vocals
Peter Krieg - guitars
Golem - bass
Thot - drums

"Laws of Perversion & Filth", is scheduled for a release on 15 January 2018 in CD and digital formats through Godz Ov War Productions. Get a taste of 'perversion & filth' by listening to a two track via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/godzovwar/sets/laws-of-perversion-filth.

In collaboration with Riff TV and Studio W66, Warfist also prepared a video for the title track off the latest album, with guest appearances by Heretik Hellstorm (Ragehammer), Hellscreamaross (Offence) and Armagog (Throneum). The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/yX2XjFqFEGk.


16.12.2017 - Zielona Góra, Klub WySPa (Supreme Lord, Horns)
26.01.2018 - Kraków, Klub Zaścianek (Temple Desecration, Rites of Daath)
03.02.2018 - Szczecin, Klub K4 (Lihhamon, Expulsed Angel)
10.03.2018 - Wrocław, Klub Pralnia (Vallenfyre, Profanatica, Hierophant, Auroch, Kingdom)

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