Warfist and Excidium Reveal Split Release "Laws of Perversion & Filth" and Warfist Releases Video for "Metal to the Bone"

Following up on the highly acknowledged "Metal to the Bone" album, the inheritors of the best traditions of the Teutonic metal, Warfist strike again with a new material recorded for a split release with the black/thrash metal horde Excidium. Both bands have prepared four tracks each for the release that is going to come out under the shared title "Laws of Perversion & Filth". The main motiff of the album cover was developed Marek Szymański, while the graphic design of the entire release was handled by Paweł Ozon.

Guitarist and vocalist Mihu comments: "We wanted our part of "Laws of Perversion & Filth", to be sort of a reflection of the Warfist roots and by that I mean the times when we would lock ourselves in our rehearsal room with a multi-track tape recorder and loads of beer, and record our first songs. The new version of 'Sadistic Whorefuck', as well as the cover song, are also a references to those times. We wanted to emphasize the thrash'n'roll attack, without caring whether it would be something innovative or ground-braking... So basically we did what we always do."


1. The Tomb of Desire
2. Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)
3. Sadistic Whorefuck
4. Angel Death (Dodheimsgard Cover Song)

Mihu - vokills, chainsaw
Wrath - bulldozer
Pavulon - skullcrushing


5. Suicidal Perspectives
6. Denial
7. Veil of Stagnation
8. Karmageddon Warriors (Impaled Nazarene cover)

Cuntreaper - vocals
Peter Krieg - guitars
Golem - bass
Thot - drums

"Laws of Perversion & Filth", is scheduled for a release on 15 January 2018 in CD and digital formats through Godz Ov War Productions. Get a taste of 'perversion & filth' by listening to a two track via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/godzovwar/sets/laws-of-perversion-filth.

In collaboration with Riff TV and Studio W66, Warfist also prepared a video for the title track off the latest album, with guest appearances by Heretik Hellstorm (Ragehammer), Hellscreamaross (Offence) and Armagog (Throneum). The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/yX2XjFqFEGk.


16.12.2017 - Zielona Góra, Klub WySPa (Supreme Lord, Horns)
26.01.2018 - Kraków, Klub Zaścianek (Temple Desecration, Rites of Daath)
03.02.2018 - Szczecin, Klub K4 (Lihhamon, Expulsed Angel)
10.03.2018 - Wrocław, Klub Pralnia (Vallenfyre, Profanatica, Hierophant, Auroch, Kingdom)

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