Sky Orchid - The River

A brotherly duo, whose time together for the past decade has been by playing music. Hence forth, by playing said music, which would be alternative and form the band called Sky Orchid. Having the duo of brothers release an EP called "Oculus Vol. 1" with the track made single called "The River".

Now 'The River" title has come up across my radar beforehand, but not by Sky Orchid but by pop punk rockers Good Charlotte with their rendition of a song using the same title that is 'The River". Their song featuring two guests M. Shadows and Synster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold, the track being released 10 years ago this year, in 2007. How time flies when music continues to rotate am I right? Okay then, so while their track is not really like "The River" by Sky Orchid, the two track titles share the namesake in common, while the sound style is slight in some factors of focus here.

In terms of the sound as said, the style between the two sounds of the different tracks is very similar in slightness. As both tracks have an alternative essence going for them. Sky Orchid's version is very laid back, yet easy listening and very energetic. The tone of the sound is very catchy and rather upbeat, never missing a beat, but keeping it continually passionate and over flowing with momentum. In other words, it is a track that just sticks. One that you will adjust to and find comfort in, that will make you pleased and entertained from start to finish.

But while the track is entertaining and highly comforting to the ear, the track has an accompanying video that is quite nice.  It is simple and that is just fine, because it demonstrates the two brothers: Gabriel and Daniel Traknyak together, showcasing their performance tactics, as musicians do best, play and do it proud and loud! That said, the video's concept of the brothers not only playing together, but having a story revolving around a guy and girl driving about, in this city, supposedly trying to find one another throughout the video, never doing so because something happens. Is very emotional at times but that's how music works, it grips into you and gets you nonetheless.

In other words, "The River", in both song and video sources, are both touching and very meaningful. Sky Orchid being a band that is as many people have said across the net, "sick" and "this is so good" because it is. Their take on alternative music is vibrant and alive, so modernized and complete it works so well. Surely their style is in similar fashion to that of Good Charlotte's "The River" from 2007, but Sky Orchid's style of song with the same name, is more unique and so them.

It is because of this, that Sky Orchid's music is still around and continuing to develop and expand as it is. Best way and only way that brothers such as these can work together, to keep the music together and in check. Merely how it worked out and it do so very nicely.

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