Silent Siren Bring the New World Tour to Los Angeles

All female girl band Silent Siren or SaiSai has been one of Japan's most popular acts since forming back in 2010. The group consisting of four members, Sumire Yoshida (Suu) on lead guitar and vocals, Hinako Umemura (Hinanchu) on drums, Aina Yamauchi (Ainyan) on bass, and Yukako Kurosaka (Yukarun) on keyboard. Since their formation the band has taken on the usual route of writing, recording, and releasing music, as well as of course playing shows, even touring, which brought them over to the U.S. Of A of course!

Their first appearance in the U.S. was during their run was during their run of the first world tour dubbed the "S World Tour" back in 2016. It would be the first time the all girl band would get the chance at playing in not just Los Angeles, California but at the Musician's Institute as well. Whilst it has been sometime since their first and last appearance, it would not be the last time Silent Siren would be making their rounds across the world.

One year later they would come across to the U.S. once more, this time on their second world tour dubbed "The New World Tour", returning once more to the Musician's Institute out in Los Angeles, California. During this next run of showcases, two being held in California, Southern then Northern California, Silent Siren's first stop was of course Los Angeles. As fans gathered awaiting to get through the doors into the compacted but decent sized concert hall, where the show was to take place, just as it had in 2016. Fans eagerly awaited entry, once doors opened up at 7PM, the line was let inside, as the fans took their seats, as opposed to standing tall, for the next hour, as people were continuing to fall into the hall, not literally, but walking into the place in question.

 Once all were in their seats, after browsing the merchandise table, of shirts, CDs, DVDs, stickers, keychains, as well as towels, all fans were embracing the impact of what was to happen next. For it was Silent Siren taking the stage a little after 8PM, going on for the next 2 hour set time. During this time frame taking in some brief Q&A sessions, answering questions from the fans, as some were chosen, while others looked on in amusement.

After these brief intermissions of Q&A took place, the band quickly jumped right back into route of their non-stop setlist from then on. Playing out to about 15 tracks, with the addition of 2 for the encore, the fans in and around the concert hall, being again not that big in size, were thrilled with joy and happiness. Literally, the whole room just felt so comforting and happy throughout. Everywhere you looked, all were happy and pleased with what was taking place, right then and there. Fans standing tall throughout, after sitting up from their seats before, were gladly cheering, shouting, waving their arms, glow sticks and light stick pens too, if not singing along as well. All was fun to be had throughout Silent Sirens' set-up!

Thus, with that, Silent Siren went on to put on, quite the show of the night. This being only their second time in tow of the U.S.A. it surely was not one to disappoint. Their energy on stage was impressive, joyful, and lots of fun. Their interaction with the crowd was crowd pleasing to the most content possible, as fans were on their toes with excitement. The band going on encouraging the fans around to do as they did, if not waving their arms from side to side, then jumping up and down, to even tossing the towels that were available at the merchandise table, up into the air! All but fun through and through for this showcase that was for sure happening here.

All in all though, Silent Siren's second U.S. appearance was a decent one. The crowd was pleased, entertained, and had loads of fun from beginning to the end. Surely suited that Silent Siren will be back for more, not having their performances be forgotten, but be highly remembered due to their high angst performance of Japanese proportions.


1. Fujiyama Disco
2. Yoshida-san
4. Hachigatsu no yoru
5. What Show is it?
6. joshikou sensou
7. Sweet Pop!
8. stella☆
9. guruguru wonderland
10. secret base ~kimiga kuretamono~
11. Just Meet
12. Kaleidoscope
13. DanceMusiQ
14. cherry bomb
15. Sinbad
2. Bii-san

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